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General Contest Rules

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Specific Contests may also have additional rules. Complete rules are available upon request through our separate web sites, available at the front desk, and may be faxed.
WHO MAY ENTER – Contests are open to all legal U.S. residents. This contest is not open to employees and members of their immediate families or households of Journal Communications, Inc., Journal Broadcast Group, dba KFDI-FM, KFTI-AM, KLIO, KICT-FM, KFXJ-FM and KYQQ-FM, their sponsors, other radio broadcast organizations, their employees and their immediate family members. Void where prohibited by law. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.
HOW TO ENTER - Contests are conducted as:
1. Call to enter: “The 'nth caller will be selected to play.” Caller may need to be able to supply the correct answer, or just be the right sequence of caller. The station is not responsible for any busy signals, power outages, misdirected phone calls or malfunctions of telephone equipment systems.
2. E-mail to enter:,,,, and

3. Write to enter:

Station Name
4200 N. Old Lawrence Road
Wichita, KS  67219

4. Fax to enter: 316-838-3607
CONTESTS AT ROADSHOWS (Live Broadcasts): Register to Win boxes for prizes are conducted at many live broadcasts. There may be specific rules for that prize(s) listed on the box as to age requirements or when the drawing will be held. Depending on the numbers of prizes to be awarded, drawings may be done at several different times during the remote, once at the end, or a winner will be drawn the next day. The client also may make a decision as to when a drawing is done. If there is no client dictate, the on-air personality has the discretion to award prizes. If the winner does not accept the prize they are awarded, they are not entitled to any other prize unless offered by the client or the station representative at the roadshow.
 LIMITATIONS ON WINNING – In the conduct of a contest, decisions of the station staff and management are final and binding on all participants.
REQUIREMENTS OF WINNING – Prizes are not transferable and may not be claimed by a relative, agent or any individual other than the actual contest winner. No prize substitutions permitted. All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning. Unclaimed/returned prizes will be forfeited. Prizes can be picked up Monday-Friday 8:00am-5pm. All prizes require proper identification (original birth certificate or valid driver’s license) to be presented in person. Winners shall be required to execute a “Winner’s Affidavit and Release” in order to complete their claim for prize.
LIABILITY OF WINNERS - Each prize winner is solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes. Winners acknowledge that, under federal law, notification of their winnings in excess of $50 shall be forwarded to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. By accepting any prize, the winner releases Journal Broadcast Group – Wichita Operations , other sponsors, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and directors, and their respective employees, representatives and agents from all liability of any type whatsoever. Winners who have won over $50 can not win again for 30 days.
1.         Photo ID and complete social security number is required to receive your prize-Driver’s License, Employee or School ID                 
2.        No person may act as your agent to pick up a prize. Exceptions with prior approval. Non-transferable. All prizes will be forfeited after 30 days.
3.        Your signature confirms receipt of the prize(s).
4.         Journal Broadcast Group is not responsible for product warranty, damages or injuries incurred from use of the prize.
5.         Prize winnings of $600 or over, either as one prize or an aggregate total in a calendar year winning of this amount, are reported to the IRS. Winner is responsible for any and all applicable taxes.
6.        Winner is not eligible to win another prize for thirty (30) business days from date won.
7.        No individual prize winner can win more then twelve (12) times per calendar year.
8.        Winner must give permission for Journal Broadcast Group to use name, picture and voice for promotion purposes.
9.        Winner can qualify for any MAJOR CONTEST only once, and one (1) on-air qualifier per household.
10.     Photo ID is required to receive your prize-Driver’s License, Employee or School ID                         
CONTEST TERMINATION – This Contest shall be terminated upon the awarding of the drawing.
WINNER’S NAMES - The winner’s name(s) of any contest are available in writing by sending a request to:

Journal Broadcast Group
4200 N. Old Lawrence Road
Wichita, KS  67219

Eric McCart, General Manager


Wichita, KS

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