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9 Weird Things to Freeze to Save Money

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9 Weird Things to Freeze to Save Money
You might be surprised at the things you can keep in the freezer.

By Mark Good


* Candles : Keep your wax candles in the freezer and they'll burn longer. It's especially good for slim table tapers that normally burn very fast.

* Batteries : A number of studies have shown that storing batteries in the freezer helps them retain their charge longer. This is less true for alkaline batteries (freezing extends their shelf life by only about 5%) than it is for NiMH and Nicad batteries often used in electronics. Keeping NiMH batteries in the freezer can boost battery life by 90%.

* Plant Seeds : Many (but not all) types of plant seeds will keep longer and germinate more successfully when stored in the freezer.  Many of the planet's most important seeds are being stored in the chilly "doomsday" seed vault in Norway.

* Cheap Booze : In the interest of full disclosure,storing cheap booze — not just vodka, but all types of distilled spirits — in the freezer makes it taste smoother (and more expensive).

* Wine Cubes : Speaking of keeping alcohol in the freezer, when you have a little leftover wine from dinner, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. "Wine cubes" are perfect to use in making stock and other cooking.

* Plastic Soda Bottles Filled with Water : Grandma knew that keeping her freezer chockfull helped to insulate it and perform better, and kept things cold longer if the electricity failed. I like to fill empty plastic soda bottles nearly full with water, and put them in the freezer to take up any vacant space. Plus they make convenient "drip-less ice cubes" to use instead of real ice cubes in my ice chest.

* Wooden Voodoo Mask : A carved wooden mask I picked up at Mardi Gras last year is showing the telltale pinholes of a woodworm infestation. As they know in the furniture refinishing business, placing a wooden item in the deep freezer for a couple of weeks will kill woodworms and their eggs.

* Pantyhose : Well...of course not for me !

* Some Actual Food : Sure, we do keep some food in our freezer, but even that's a bit unusual. We store our spices and coffee in the freezer to keep them fresher, and by freezing our popcorn and popping it while it's still frozen, it pops lighter and with fewer un-popped kernels.

* Laundry :)

LOL Happy Holidays Fox Listeners!

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