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Is text messaging causing the destruction of the English language?

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This subject just kind of popped into my mind the other day. After I seen my kids and the other neighborhood kids misspelling the words they were writing on their chalk board. It look as if they were sending text messages!! READ THIS:

Without a shadow of doubt text messaging has become the bane of the English Language.  It has become the antithesis and a big part of everything that is wrong with today's society.  To a big part of the population now, text messaging has become a way of 'short cutting' or 'skipping' round words that should be really written properly.  We have prostituted a beautiful language for the sake of technology, but will we ever be able to get that back again?

Text messaging has grown and grown until it has become an unstoppable monster invading every part of our lives. Gone are the days when people would just pick up the phone and talk to one another. Gone are the days when even letter writing was the 'norm; {those days seem a long long time ago now}.  No, technology has well and truly taken over even the way we communicate with each other now.  There is nothing worse, then being on a train, a bus or just walking down the street, without seeing someone with their head buried within their mobile phone, their thumbs dancing frantically over the keys, as if they have no time to even type the words down before going onto the next word.

The art of conversation has died a death because hardly anybody talks now, they communicate through texting. And when today's generation do actually talk to one another I have actually heard them say out loud the word LOL {laugh out loud} or {SOZ} for  'sorry'. My stepson has got into the habit of saying those words now. Alas all my hard work in trying to get him to talk properly, to use the English Language in the way it should be used has gone down the drain.

It makes me angry and very sad that a language that has given so much to the world, in terms of beauty,of its rich vocabulary, its depth, is being destroyed like this. Some people may say, that this 'texting' is just another expansion pack if you will, on top of the English Language as a whole. Just another part of the rich vastness and adaptability that this language is capable off, and of course in some respects they would be right.

If one looks at the history of the English Language, one would see how it has subtly changed over the centuries. How certain words that where spelt and said in a certain way, at some point in time, have now changed. The language has developed overtime alongside the society that it happens to be in.

Some may say that text messaging is merely an adaption of the English Language in today's society? That may be so, but when people shorten words to such an extent that it actually begins to have an effect on their everyday lives, in terms of being able to spell properly, use commas, quotation marks, full stops, etc and form properly sounding sentences, then something has gone badly wrong.

What do YOU think?



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