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AC/DC Fans !! Here is the latest!!

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson recently released his new book, Rockers and Rollers: A Full-Throttle Memoir, but fans should know that the book is a lot more about his love of cars and auto racing than it is about his music career. "I hate autobiographies," Johnson told "I think they're boring and rotten, and I'm not interested. It's usually some bitter old git doing a tell-all to get back at everybody." Instead, Johnson filled Rockers and Rollers with "short stories that are funny and positive," mostly about his lifelong fascination with cars. And meanwhile, Johnson is not sure what AC/DC's next move will be, but he's hoping it won't be another eight-year break between albums. "If we can get out an album and do another short, little tour or something, have a bit of fun, I'll be right there," Johnson said. "The thing with the boys in AC/DC you've got to remember is we're constantly surprised and amazed at how we keep the success going. We don't know what we're doing -- I mean, we literally don't know what we're doing except that we just play 100 percent every night and give it everything we've got. If that's the secret to success, we'll pass it on."

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