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SuperGroup! Mick Jaggers his first band other than the Stones

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The unlikely supergroup SuperHeavy; consisting of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley and composer A.R. Rahman; made their first public appearance on Thursday at a press event in Los Angeles. Roughly half of their debut album, due out September 20, was played for those in attendence, followed by a Q&A session with the musicians.

According to Billboard, Jagger said the the group started with just some "ideas, a few guitar riffs and a few snippets of lyrics. It's not my usual sort of way of working. You always want to leave some room for improvisation, but you need to have something, some songs, when you walk into the studio. It evolved very quickly. We sat around with our little pads [writing]. We did do a lot of jams but it's all coherent and arranged. We just wrote them quickly."

Stewart revealed they recorded 29 songs in 10 days, though some were "an hour and 10 minutes long, some songs are 42 minutes long." He estimated that over 35 hours of music was recorded overall.

SuperHeavy shot a video on Wednesday for the lead single, titled "Miracle Worker," which Billboard describes as "a straight reggae tune."

Stone told Billboard that SuperHeavy would wait and see the reaction to the record before making any plans to tour. Stone will release her own new album LP1 this year, and then tour the States in 2012. She said that after that, "fingers crossed, if the world likes SuperHeavy, we'll do some shows."



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