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New Aerosmith news!! Back in the Saddle?

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A new video featuring Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton giving an update on the progress he and his band mates are making on their upcoming album has been posted on their AeroForceOne website.

Hamilton starts off by pointing out that he's sporting a "beautiful studio tan, [which] is the way your face looks when you haven't been outside in six weeks," before revealing that the group has "finished with the basic tracks" for the release.

"We've cut 13 basic tracks, and we're going to sit with that for the moment," he continues.  "The bass parts are done, subject to some adjustments in the future.  Drum tracks are all done, and we're starting to do guitar overdubs."

"I enjoy going down to the studio and…watching while Joe [Perry] and Brad [Whitford] do their work -- while I get to sit around and eat candy and stuff," Hamilton adds.  "It's cool."

The bassist also reports that frontman Steven Tyler likely will begin working on vocal tracks soon, "and then get really intense about it" after Aerosmith returns from their fall tour of South America and Japan.

Regarding the sound of the album, Hamilton jokingly describes it as "crunchy on the outside with a creamy center, which is one of my favorite flavor/texture combination thingies."  The rocker finishes up by asking fans to "send us all the white light you can, send us all your creative energy and we'll try to channel it into this album."

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