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Stores rolling out Xmas already!

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Some retailers say they are keeping the same holiday timeline as years past, but others admit they are trying to generate an early holiday buzz for Christmas shopping this year.

Costco is among the first to see the Christmas displays out this year, and the way inflatable snowmen have been selling, consumers are not objecting that much. Costco Store Manager Brian Thomas says his store sold three last week.

But for many the last days of summer and first day of autumn is just too early to get into the spirit.

"I think about Halloween in October, not September. So Christmas in September is a bit too much," said shopper Kirsten Listina.

"I think it's way too much before thanksgiving, so it's way too much right now," agrees shopper Sarah Culp. "Not even thinking about Christmas yet."

This year many retailers are pushing Christmas shopping earlier than ever. They say it's a response to customer demand.

"Forty percent of our consumers that we surveyed have told us that they're shopping for the Christmas holidays already," said Mike Gatti of the National Retail Federation.

Some analysts say retailers are desperate and don't want another year of just so-so sales. Walmart is even bringing back its layaway program to get customers in the shopping spirit.

"If that means showing them Christmas decorations in August, if that means, you know like talking about Christmas in July, that's what they're going to do because they need that money,"

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