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Pot Suckers back in the news!!

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Sour apple candies sold in stores have some people puckering, but it's not because of the candy.

It's because of the packaging with messages like, "Hey man, pass the bag!"

"It is just candy, and it's harmless, but the message on the outside of the bag is probably not the best," says Crystal Gossman.  "I'm sure most parents wouldn't want their kids to be walking around candy that says ‘Pothead' on the back and front of it."

The candy is sour apple-flavored and comes in gummy candies and lollipops with names like "Potheads" and "Pot Pops."

"It's not setting a good example, I would say, but it’s not doing too much harm either," LaTasha Thomas says, "It's just candy."

Deborah Comella of the Lee County Coalition for a Drug-Free Southwest Florida disagrees.

She believes the candy makes the drug seem less harmful than it is.

"It's very troubling.  It's very troubling because it is illegal in the state of Florida," says Comella.

The product's maker, Kalan LP, issued a statement saying it developed the marijuana-shaped candy as a response to a growing movement among adults in the U.S. towards legalization.

"As a company, we do not take political sides; our goal is merely to capitalize on what we see in the marketplace

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