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I've got the lowdown on Van Halen!!

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Van Halen Reveals Album, Tour Plans 
 One of Rock's most celebrated acts came full circle, playing in a 250-capacity club nestled in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village Diamond David Lee Roth and Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen floored a crowd of music journalists and industry onlookers with a freight train of a set at the elbow room-only Cafe Wha?, a club once owned by Roth's uncle Manny, who was proudly in attendance.

Opening up with "You Really Got Me", the reconstituted Roth lineup plowed through fiery versions of "Running With The Devil", "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", new/old track "She's The Woman", and a litany of other classic VH staples.

The band itself was extremely tight. Eddie and Alex were in top form, Wolfie played his ass off with a constant smile on his face, and Roth displayed the showmanship and polish of a true Rock legend."

Van Halen setlist:

You Really Got Me
Runnin' With The Devil
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Everybody Wants Some
She's The Woman
Dance The Night Away
Hot For Teacher
Ice Cream Man
Ain't Talkin Bout Love

Van Halen's confirmed tour dates are as follows:

2/18/12             Louisville, KY  
2/20/12             Detroit, MI  
2/22/12             Indianapolis, IN 
2/24/12             Chicago, IL 
2/28/12             New York, NY
3/1/12               New York, NY
3/3/12               Uncasville, CT 
3/5/12               Philadelphia, PA 
3/9/12               Buffalo, NY  
3/11/12             Boston, MA  
3/15/12             Montreal, QC
3/17/12             Toronto, ON 
3/21/12             Ottawa, ON 
3/24/12             Atlantic City, NJ 
3/28/12             Washington, DC 
3/30/12             Pittsburgh, PA  
4/1/12               Rosemont, IL   
4/10/12             Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/12/12             Tampa, FL 
4/14/12             Orlando, FL 
4/16/12             Jacksonville, FL 
4/19/12             Atlanta, GA     
4/21/12             Greensboro, NC  
4/25/12             Charlotte, NC  
4/27/12             Nashville, TN   
5/1/12               Tulsa, OK    
5/5/12               Tacoma, WA   
5/7/12               Vancouver, BC 
5/9/12               Calgary, AB    
5/11/12             Edmonton, AB 
5/17/12             Winnipeg, MB  
5/19/12             St. Paul, MN 
5/22/12             Kansas City, MO 
5/24/12             Denver, CO  
5/27/12             Las Vegas, NV  
6/1/12               Los Angeles, CA
6/3/12               Oakland, CA     
6/5/12               San Jose, CA   
6/12/12             Anaheim, CA   
6/14/12             San Diego, CA  
6/16/12             Phoenix, AZ    
6/20/12             Dallas, TX    
6/22/12             San Antonio, TX   
6/24/12             Houston, TX  
6/26/12             New Orleans, LA    


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