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Here is the lastest on the Pink Floyd Reissues!

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Here is the latest news on Pink Floyd and their reissues Fox listeners. Hope you have a great day :0)

EMI has been rolling out its massive Pink Floyd reissue campaign, under the banner Why Pink Floyd...?, since September. Now, February 28 marks the release of The Wall's expanded "Immersion" and "Experience" editions, which is the last scheduled title in the Why Pink Floyd? series. Hence, discussions are turning to what else can be culled from the band's archives. For instance, drummer Nick Mason says he'd like to see a package covering Pink Floyd's early years rather than expanding one particular album.

"The idea was always to see whether people like these things or not. If they do, of course we could do more," Mason told "I think it's an exercise that bears repeating... but I think there might be things to be done that would be rather different to what we've done so far. We wouldn't do one album like Piper at the Gates of Dawn on its own. Maybe we'll take Saucer (Full of Secrets) and Piper and maybe one other one and do an early years thing -- partly because there just isn't the material in some cases. That might be a more interesting exercise."

Meanwhile, fans have been asking if 1977's Animals will be reissued, but Mason really doesn't know. "Animals is the one record Roger (Waters) said he'd like to have a go at remixing. That might be an exercise worth doing. Maybe David (Gilmour) disagreed enough that we could release David's remix and Roger's remix and, ideally, my remix as well."

As for The Wall reissues that are coming soon, they include original demos that show how much the material evolved before being included on the final 1979 version of the album. The seven-disc "Immersion" set also includes 2000's Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live 1980-81 remastered by engineer James Guthrie, and a DVD featuring a performance clip from that tour, a "Behind the Wall" documentary and an interview with The Wall cover artist Gerald Scarfe.

"What's great is we have a greater depth of material for (The Wall) than we had for the other albums," Mason explained. "We have Roger's demos followed by the band demos followed by the final thing, and that makes a big difference. You can really hear how it came together."


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