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We made it through safely!!

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What a wild ride Wichita!! No fatalities!! Lots of clean up to do but we made it!! Special thanks to all the Weather pro's!! All of our good friends here in the KFDI building are the BEST PERIOD!!!! Great KFDI Weather crew!!! YOU ROCK !!!!!  One thing stands out in my mind from the other night while I was at the Hyatt downtown Wichita during the storms. There was a guy who was obviously from another part of the country that doesnt or hasnt experienced Tornadoes before. The entire bunch that was with him for that matter. They were taking pictures of the tv as we were watching Merill Tiller forecast the situation. They were just texting away to there families and friends back home that they were part of the storm. In a weird way I think they were having fun. They acted like it was COOL!! WOW!! The nations eyes were upon Wichita the other night!! This morning on the weather channel there was a guy named Randy Keith who lost his house on the southside of the ICT and all he was happy about was that he found his Beatles Vinyl in the reckage!! Thats awesome !! We are alright!! Be safe Wichita!!

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Wichita, KS

WNW at 9 mph

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