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So does customer service really exist anymore?

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I went to a restaurant this past sunday and had one of those curbside deliveries. Well it seems they took forever and got my order wrong that cost about $85.00.They brought most of the order out except  for the hamburger . I told them the problem so they said sorry and said they would put the order on priority. That "PRIORITY" took another 15/20 minutes.After I went into the place because they took sooo long I asked the guy what was up? And he said that it was coming out hot and fresh...I asked him about the other $70.00 of food that was sitting for the last 20/25 minutes..Is that still fresh? He didnt have an answer for me of course. So after the whole ordeal I left with the food and got home only to be even more upset that the rest of the food was cold. Now!!.....I called the place to complain to the manager and they said to come in the next day to get vouchers for new food because of my experience. I couldnt make it that day so I went in yesterday and when I went in the General Manager said that they dont give vouchers and the people I talked too had it wrong(they dont give vouchers) and was trying to cover the employees there about how busy they were and she said I was late for NOT coming in the next day so did I lose out ? . Long story :0) They gave me the run around and a couple of vouchers for 20.00 in free food and too call them when I want 4 free hamburgers  or something. She tried to argue with me about my crappy experience. I spent 85.00 and had cold food. No customer service at all!! It's like she was trying to make it my fault for being late too complain about their crappy service!!! arggggghhhhhh!!! Time to write their administrative office!!! whew!! that was long!!! :0)

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