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I love to get out and metal detect

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Well after the last 3 months of metal detecting we have found lots of coins , 1863 bobwire , old 1890's shotgun shells,1890's Bullets and shells, a 1943 airplane machine gun rounds(SL 43 rounds) out by Boise Cit Oklahoma(the only city that was bombed during WW11) I heard they did practice bombing and war plane shooting out there in the 40's. Old pioneer firepace - On a old wagon trail we unearthed a 1892 Check Canceler that is now on display at the local museum with our name on it!! Not to mention all the Indian artifacts that we find while digging!! The old west is soooo alive !!! Gold rings and even an old crucifix!!! The list can go on and on but that was enough for now!!! BTW THE KIDS ARE HOOKED!!!!



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Broken Clouds
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