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Slow Rollin' Construction Zone

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 They almost made me late for work ! They are putting tar on the road over by the radio station and they have a pilot car that takes you up and down the road. Well the guy driving the car slowly gets back to the guy holding the stop sign,gets out of his pilot car with his lunchbox and slowly puts it down on the ground then walks over to the stop sign holder and starts a fun conversation like they were Hank Hill and having a beer with his buddies!! He trades the other guy keys for a stop sign and the other guy SLOWLY gets into the pilot car and comes up to me and tells me he has to turn around and he goes about a quarter mile down the road to turn around. Now don't get me wrong I have patience,but this took exactly 10 minutes and there was nothing else going on down the road from me. It seems these guys were part of a TV show called Candid Camera or something. Of course it took another 5 minutes to follow the pilot car a total a quarter mile. Good day !! :0)

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Wichita, KS

SSE at 18 mph
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