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  • Give Lance another chance?

    What do you think? Everyone should be given another chance. He really did do some major NO NO's . If he recieved money from certain companies then he should pay them back. And probably give up his trophies. He might start hangin out w/ Pete Rose now!

  • Cheese fries or flowers?

    So, I was driving around Wichita and was thinking about my dear girlfriend, Janet, and thought about getting her something special - flowers, maybe. And then....there it was....Dog and Shake....Aaaaaaw(like the angels spoke to me)...So, I thought to or cheese fries? Which will bring a bigger smile to her face(she has a great smile)? Tis not the season for the wildflowers that I normally woo her I went with the fries....Winning!

  • Headin to get my kids the flu shot!!!

    My oldest son Noah has shared with me that he wants the flu shot after watching all the news. I told him he doesnt have to have it if he doesnt want it but it is very dangerous this year.He said, "Dad, I think I want to get it and I think my little brother should have one too!{" I dont know if that was cause he cares or if its that mean older brother thang!! lol -Good day

  • Flu season is here!!

    Flu Season is suppose to be bad this year. I am trying to fight something off right now!! Do not get too close!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH CHOOOOOOOO!!! Bless me!!! ;)

  • Delta bad!!

  • Went 4 wheeling if the neighborhood yesterday!!

    We had a blast with my family tearing up the neighborhood with the 4 wheeler and sleds!! One of those days you will remember forever!!

  • Happy New Year of 2013

  • Congrats to Ronnie Wood

    Is she there for love or money? hummmm?

  • Had a wonderful xmas!!

    Had a great Xmas. Today is my oldest sons birthday. He turns 13 today :0) More presents in order!!! If you are looking for some great shows then hear you go. Chec k this link out Fleetwood Mac has dates in Dallas -Denver- KC and Tulsa!!

  • Santa is fast!!

    US scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all the world's presents on Christmas Eve, travelling at 650 miles a second. Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD night!!

  • End of world...not!!

  • Helping during the Holiday's

  • My feet stink!!

    I need to know a good remedy for stinky feet and/or guarantee a way to rid my shoes of this stank!! lol :0)

  • American Red Cross today!! Please help

  • Sandy Benefit was Awesome!!

    Rogers Waters was my favorite of the whole show!! Adam Sandler was a funny you know what!!!!!!!

  • Check this out !

  • Burrrrrrrrr !! Don't forget about the pets!

    Dont forget about the pets outside during the cold weather. Last night would of been one of those nights. Ole Fluffy needs to come in during the cold nights and especially throughout the day if temps are too low. Happy holidays to you and your family :0)

  • Over the line!!!

    Playmor Lanes in Newton is where I bowl on League. Last night someone spilled a pitcher of beer on the floor and I didn't notice it. So when it was my turn to roll I went up and threw my ball and my foot stuck on the floor and I went about 10 feet into the middle of the lane on my back in front of the whole bowling alley. All that went through my mind was.."Over the Line Smokey!" lol It was more fun than embarrasing. I was greeted by a wave of high 5's!!

  • Xmas Shopping / Grocery Shopping / Bill Payin TODAY

    Look out cause here I come Wichita!! Heading out to do the shopping thang today!! I am going to stop by as many Ma& Pa store's as I can. Some local stimulation is in order!!! Support your community this holiday season ,not someone else's. Happy Holidays ;0)

  • These leaves blow!!

    Is it wrong to blow your leaves into the neighbors yard if they never do any yard work or rake leaves

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