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  • Getting donations today for the LAPP No Kill Shelter

    Jan and Phil will be living in a tent for the next 24 hours at the All Paws Pet Center getting donations for the LAPP No Kill Shelter. They are on Madison and Rock Rd in Derby until tomorrow morning. Go out and say hi and donate a few bucks for the animals!! Thanks for listening.

  • America is split down the middle

    After last nights election and after looking at my Facebook it seems there are sooo many people who are mad as hell at Obama. They say America is split down the middle. I have in the past had my person lose the election but I just accepted it and continued to plug away. I didnt go to FB and start ranting a bunch crazy stuff on how I felt. Just accept it and try to make the world better around you. I dont think the presidential choice doesnt mean we cant just live and be happy no matter the choice was for president. I have a idea if you want to make a difference......Start with your world around you. Your Family Your Friends :0) It seems no matter whos voted IN they are still just Politicians...can we trust them? Good question lol

  • Heading out after work to vote!!

    Hope to see you at the election office!! It's that time again! ! Who is it gonna be? Mitt ? Obama? Or your favorite write in? Just get out and vote and that will give you the opportunity to complain!! lol Good luck Voters!!

  • Tomorrow is the Election and Aerosmiths new album release!!

    A busy 2 fer Tuesday tomorrow. So busy it's a PRESIDENTIAL 2FER TUESDAY!! The election of our new president and from what I hear a great album being released from Aerosmith. To top it off we will be getting the boys fresh off their album release date. Aerosmith tickets are being given away here at the Fox all week so don't go anywhere. FUN ALL WEEK !!

  • Halloween and coffee tables

    Well my neighbor got to spend his Halloween night in the minor emergency clinic getting his 4 year old 7 stiches on his eye. This brings me to the topic of coffee tables. I do not believe in having coffee tables in my house due to the accidents they cause. Those corners can be killers. After my kids are grown I will probably get me on of these coffee tables. Kids should be able to jump off the furniture and land safely. Even though there are not suppose to jump on the furniture!! Oh well kids will be kids!! Just no coffee tables!! lol

  • Happy Halloween..Wanna get more candy?

    This year since we have about 15 extra costumes we might as well increase our intake of candy! That's right !! We will change after we do a round around the neighborhood into a different costume!! lol Keep in mind our dentist will give us 3 dollars a pound for candy!! lol I am just kidding btw!! !! Happy Halloween Everyone. :0)

  • I was in a hurricane in New York once.

    It was weird. I was almost one of the last peeps to be walking down around Times Square as people were being evacuated. I remember buying a $2 umbrella from a street vendor and as I opened it up it folded the other way from the wind!! It lasted a whole 2 seconds then I threw it on the ground and ran to my buddies record label. I ended up spending 3 days in Smittys house in a nice jewish neighborhood in Queens to ride the storm out NYC style!! Good luck to all my friends on the east coast!!

  • Rock and Roll Hall O Fame Inductees !!

    Coming up in the New Year of 2013 It seems we have Deep Purple - Heart - Joan Jet and Rush!! Yes finally RUSH to get some recongnition finally? I seen a great documentary the other day on RUSH w/ all the rock stars talking about how everyone hated them at first then here we are now to Rock and Roll legendary status!! Go luck to all the groups this next year/. They all deserve it!!!

  • Not the Rolling Stones anymore? The Cockroaches?

    The Rolling Stones may play some tiny, "surprise" warm up shows in preparation for their forthcoming dates in London and New York. Ronnie Wood told NME that the gigs could happen in Paris, possibly under the moniker The Cockroaches. "We're all making a concentrated effort of being there on time every day, we start at three o’clock in the afternoon, we go through to dinner time, we have one break and so far everything has been [like] an operation, nose to the grindstone. We wanna give 200 percent," Wood said. "There's going to be little club gigs that we're gonna surprise ourselves to do as well, we’ll bung a few in next week or the week after, so look out for any Cockroaches gigs or whatever! I don’t know who we’ll be billed as but we’ll turn up somewhere and put a few to the test. Tiny, 200, 300 people kind of places."

  • Send us your Halloween pics!!

    Everyone is getting ready for Halloween!! Keep sending us you pics and you can download them yourself. If you have any cool pics from Hallows past , Kids, pumpkins ...Whatever you have we would love to see them!! download them today Happy Halloween!!

  • Marijuana for votes?

    That's right!! In California (of course) an election campaign promised to give $40.00 of free medical marijuana if the voters would vote for that candidate. It seems to be getting thrown out because it's the same as recieving money for a vote!!

  • Putting up the Halloween decorations!!

    Finally found all my boxes of Halloween decorations!! Time to start putting them up!! Maybe I should instead of using Halloween decorations I should put up my Christmas stuff? That would get em talkin!! Christmas already? That's Scary!! :0)

  • Wash me?

  • Cell Phone addiction is on the REHAB menu?

    In Britain they have coined a new term for people who are addicted to their cell phones....Nomophobia!! It has been added there to the Rehab menu!!

  • Parent - Teacher conferences today

    WISH ME LUCK!!! LOL :0)

  • Aerosmith is coming Nov 11..Did you also know....

  • A major concert announcement!!

    Tune into the Fox today for the lowdown on the artist coming to the Intrust Arena next!!! So many people miss the Kansas Coliseum you?

  • Are there too many rules for kids now days?

    It seems too me that all these crazy rules for the kids are setting them up for failure. I hate to say "When I was a kid" but it seems that we didn't have as many rules as they do now. Did we do something wrong in the past that our children have to pay the price for?

  • Remembering Sept 11

  • Jan and Phil at Veterans Memorial tomorrow!

    Dont forget to come out to the veterans memorial tomorrow morning during the Jan & Phil show. We are taking care of our service men and women!! Come see it unfold:0)

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