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  • A major concert announcement!!

    Tune into the Fox today for the lowdown on the artist coming to the Intrust Arena next!!! So many people miss the Kansas Coliseum you?

  • Are there too many rules for kids now days?

    It seems too me that all these crazy rules for the kids are setting them up for failure. I hate to say "When I was a kid" but it seems that we didn't have as many rules as they do now. Did we do something wrong in the past that our children have to pay the price for?

  • Remembering Sept 11

  • Jan and Phil at Veterans Memorial tomorrow!

    Dont forget to come out to the veterans memorial tomorrow morning during the Jan & Phil show. We are taking care of our service men and women!! Come see it unfold:0)

  • I made it through the week!!

    Jan and Phil will be back on Monday morning!! I will be back to my 10a til 3pm shift . It's all back to normal after this weekend!! Hope you have a great weekend Fox listeners. See ya at the Fair!!

  • In all all week for Jan and Phil

    Don't forghet to listen and win a great prize pack from the Kansas State Fair and 104.5 The Fox!! All week long during the morning show and during Johnny Maze's shift. It's gonna be another greta year at the fair. Hope to see you there. Funnel I come...dont forget PRONTO PUP!!

  • Eddie Money needs some money? Geico

    Have you seen the commercial...Here is the link!

  • Sneezy!!

    I have never had allergies like this!! This year has been the worse for me ever! I think I will take Phil Thompsons advice and get the SHOT!! YAY Labor day weekend is here...ENJOY!!

  • Free Bird!!

    Just answered my phone here at the radio station...It must of been ringing for a little longer than I thought. I answered.."Hello ? He says.."Who is this?" I said " No who's this? He said "Ricky Medlock of Lynyrd Skynard is Jan Harrison there?" I said "She is in the other room you want to hold?" Then there was a long pause......"I guess" he said. LOL Good day to all of you!! FREEBIRD!!!!

  • I cant have nice things!!

    Yes all kid related !!! It is sooooooooooooo true!!! Maybe one day I will have nice thangs!! lol

  • Gretchen our sister with the Rock Stars!!

  • Fillin in for Jan & Phil

    I will be in filling in for the wild bunch the rest of this week. Jan and Phil are indisposed of at the present time!! Good day :0)

  • It's Monday!!

    That's All!!! Unless anyone's got anything to add!! lol :0) Good day too ya!!

  • Rules in School

    I was reading my sons instruction paper on the breakdown of the rules at school. Boy it seems that there are 1000 more rules now then when we were growing up. It almost seems a little too much. Poor kids anymore seem to be under full rule!! Camera's everywhere!! My neighbor went to the school today to voice her opinion on these new rules!! Good Luck neighbor!!!

  • Back to School!!

    It's official for me !! The kids have went back to school. Now I can have the little moment of quite time. It doesn't happen much at my house. Away we go into another school year. I will be up every weekday at 6am!!! Good day to all the parents :0)

  • All Hacked up!!

    Well everything should be back in order due to my accounts being hacked!! It seems people have nothing else better to do then hack other peoples accounts. So too all of you that were hacked due to my hackers apologies. All passwords have been changed and ready to get back to normal. Have a GOOD day!! Mark

  • Rain Rain come again!

    It was great this morning sitting on my front porch and watching the rain with my two boys. We sat and and actually got wet and cold. I wish I would have taken a picture of my son cold at 9am and overheated by 1p. Welcome to Kansas!! Have a great day !!

  • Curiosity lands safely!

    Last night I sat up and watch the coverage of Nasa's continuing rover success. It seem like watching a real movie right before your eyes. The guy in charge even looked like Alec!! Now I am excited to see the new pictures it will be sending back to earth as it searches for signs of past life on the red planet.

  • Filling in for Jan and Phil

    Well I made it to Friday!! Hats off to J&P for getting up soooooo early all of these years for all you out there!! After awhile you get use to it but I can't wait to get back to sleeping til at least 8:00am!!! lol Tune into J & P on Monday or you will miss something cool!!

  • Slow Rollin' Construction Zone

    They almost made me late for work ! They are putting tar on the road over by the radio station and they have a pilot car that takes you up and down the road. Well the guy driving the car slowly gets back to the guy holding the stop sign,gets out of his pilot car with his lunchbox and slowly puts it down on the ground then walks over to the stop sign holder and starts a fun conversation like they were Hank Hill and having a beer with his buddies!! He trades the other guy keys for a stop sign and the other guy SLOWLY gets into the pilot car and comes up to me and tells me he has to turn around and he goes about a quarter mile down the road to turn around. Now don't get me wrong I have patience,but this took exactly 10 minutes and there was nothing else going on down the road from me. It seems these guys were part of a TV show called Candid Camera or something. Of course it took another 5 minutes to follow the pilot car a total a quarter mile. Good day !! :0)

Wichita, KS

N at 18 mph
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