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  • Fillin in for Jan & Phil

    I will be in filling in for the wild bunch the rest of this week. Jan and Phil are indisposed of at the present time!! Good day :0)

  • It's Monday!!

    That's All!!! Unless anyone's got anything to add!! lol :0) Good day too ya!!

  • Rules in School

    I was reading my sons instruction paper on the breakdown of the rules at school. Boy it seems that there are 1000 more rules now then when we were growing up. It almost seems a little too much. Poor kids anymore seem to be under full rule!! Camera's everywhere!! My neighbor went to the school today to voice her opinion on these new rules!! Good Luck neighbor!!!

  • Back to School!!

    It's official for me !! The kids have went back to school. Now I can have the little moment of quite time. It doesn't happen much at my house. Away we go into another school year. I will be up every weekday at 6am!!! Good day to all the parents :0)

  • All Hacked up!!

    Well everything should be back in order due to my accounts being hacked!! It seems people have nothing else better to do then hack other peoples accounts. So too all of you that were hacked due to my hackers apologies. All passwords have been changed and ready to get back to normal. Have a GOOD day!! Mark

  • Rain Rain come again!

    It was great this morning sitting on my front porch and watching the rain with my two boys. We sat and and actually got wet and cold. I wish I would have taken a picture of my son cold at 9am and overheated by 1p. Welcome to Kansas!! Have a great day !!

  • Curiosity lands safely!

    Last night I sat up and watch the coverage of Nasa's continuing rover success. It seem like watching a real movie right before your eyes. The guy in charge even looked like Alec!! Now I am excited to see the new pictures it will be sending back to earth as it searches for signs of past life on the red planet.

  • Filling in for Jan and Phil

    Well I made it to Friday!! Hats off to J&P for getting up soooooo early all of these years for all you out there!! After awhile you get use to it but I can't wait to get back to sleeping til at least 8:00am!!! lol Tune into J & P on Monday or you will miss something cool!!

  • Slow Rollin' Construction Zone

    They almost made me late for work ! They are putting tar on the road over by the radio station and they have a pilot car that takes you up and down the road. Well the guy driving the car slowly gets back to the guy holding the stop sign,gets out of his pilot car with his lunchbox and slowly puts it down on the ground then walks over to the stop sign holder and starts a fun conversation like they were Hank Hill and having a beer with his buddies!! He trades the other guy keys for a stop sign and the other guy SLOWLY gets into the pilot car and comes up to me and tells me he has to turn around and he goes about a quarter mile down the road to turn around. Now don't get me wrong I have patience,but this took exactly 10 minutes and there was nothing else going on down the road from me. It seems these guys were part of a TV show called Candid Camera or something. Of course it took another 5 minutes to follow the pilot car a total a quarter mile. Good day !! :0)

  • Can't get nothing done in this heat......

    So much yard work to do outside and fence to put up and take down. With all this heat around it's sooo hard to get anything done. I can only get about 3 hours of work done since I start around 6:30pm -7p. I hope this heat tapers off just a little for all the peeps that are in my shoes can get some stuff done in the daytime and not sooo late in the evening so I can enjoy my evening at home relaxing. Are you having the same problems ?

  • Lee's Chinese on Dugan and Kellogg!!

    I have been going to the same Chinese restaurant for the past 20 years and my good friend Cindy owns it ,she is from Hong Kong and all of their food is awesome. If you are a fan of Crab Rangoon then you NEED to go there and experience them!! I have been all over the place and still havent found anyone better!! She makes her own family recipe duck sauce from China that will make you fall in love all over again!!!

  • Man vs Food

    On my last trip I went to 3 Man vs Food locations to try what the hype was all about!! First was Lulu's in San Antonio (3 lbs. Cinnamon Roll) then off to Juan in a Million in Austin (Don Juan Taco) then off to Edmon Oklahoma at the Steak And Catfish joint off of I-35. Everything was amazing!!! You should try going to these places yourself on your next trip!!

  • It's great being a daddy!!

    Even after a long road trip with my kids fighting back and forth and not listening... I still LOVE my boys!! lol . Yes... after a good time out session after returning home from the trip we were on I looked at my boys and just laughed. That is what you get when you put 2 boys ages 7 and 12 in a car for 15 hours!! Lovin life and all that jazz!! My highlight was when my little boy Jacob asked me..."Daddy, what time does the moon get up?" Good day to everyone :0)

  • Privacy Fence almost up!!

    My adventures continue with my privacy fence. Due to the heat and the HEAT!! I have taken way longer to get it up!! :0) But with the help of all my friends and girlfriend it seems to be coming along just fine. It is great to have friends like mine!! I will take some pictures real soon when finished.

  • TV Food show alter my travel plans!!

    That's right!! Ever since these TV shows have came out (Triple D,Man Vs Food etc) I am lovin the Food Network and Travel channels. It make those trips you have done all these years a little more fun. We love to see where we are gonna go,then we go look where some of these tv shows have been and we plan our trip accordinly so we can enjoy the same places the shows are raving about and to see if they are "all that" or not. Safe Travel Folks!

  • Joe Walsh should stop by!!

    I think it has been too long!! Joe Walsh needs to stop by the Fox!! It's been longer than I can think since Joe has stopped by to say hello to Wichita. You always hear of his sightings while visiting Wichita. Dont you think he should stop by the Jan and Phil show or my show for a quick hang? Lemme see if I can work on him. It might take awhile though. Dont hold your breath !! I will get back to you on this!! :0)

  • Billy Gibbons BBQ Sauce BFG #44 OUT OF STOCK

    Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top put out his own BBQ sauce. So I went to purchase some of that tasty nectar. But to my amazement it was out of stock!! I have been hearing how good it is. I joined the latest newsletter so I can get my hand on some!! The sauce's name is BFG #44!!

  • Looking forward to the cool 90 degree temps soon!!

    Hopefully we wont have to endure the temps like last year!! Fingers crossed!! Sunday they are saying maybe sprinkles and lows in high 80's ...wouldn't that be nice. :0) I have been wanting to get some things done on the house lately but I will gladly let those chores wait til the better temps. Be careful in the heat and have a great weekend.

  • My neighbors saved me hundreds of dollars on fireworks!!

    That's right !! Great show neighborhood!! If we left to check out the local fireworks display like we planned then we would have missed our neighborhood display. At the local fireworks display you are not aloud to fire off fireworks or drink beer so It made sense to me to stay at home, fire off my own fireworks and drink my beer in my own front yard. :0)

  • Old County Courthouse Security Guards

    I walked into the Old Courthouse in downtown Wichita and went up to the metal detectors and the security guards asked me if I had my cell phone on me? I said "No" and they said "Wow! You CAN READ!" and I said, "Yes I can" and they said,"Thats better than the rest of them today!" So I felt special! And it had nothing to do with being able to read. Just following directions!! LOL

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