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  • I stare into my fridge way too long!!

    I am sure you have had the same problem too. You get up during a commercial break to find yourself going to the fridge to just open it up and stare into it not really even wanting to eat anything. Just look into it like something is going to happen in there. Maybe this is the American way of life. It makes me wonder how other people in the world would love to have this problem who are going hungry. Maybe we take staring into the fridge fo granted.

  • Midwest Rock and Roll Express rolling through town!!

    Summers here and get ready for all the summer concerts!! Maybe you have already been to a lot this summer. Get ready for yet another great show coming to the Hartman Arena!! We are giving away tickets all week long here on the Fox!! Here is some more info about this show....

  • The Medallion Zombie Apocalypse

    Well we went out to look for the Medallion at the Air Capital Park on the west side of Wichita where the old airplane use to sit. When I got there,there was only 30/35 peeps. Then within about 1 hour it started filling up with all sorts of people. I checked as much as I could check within 2 hours and 7/8 ticks later. I noticed the Zombie Apocalypse beginning. Humans where coming out of the woodwork like zombies. That started to scare me so I ran to my car and drove away fast. Maybe next year!! lol

  • Its time to put up a privacy fence!!

    I have got too many little children from every other house in Park City jumping my old 1950's 4 ft chainlink fence and playing in my yard and they are starting to break everything they lay their hands on. So it's time to put up the ole 6/8 ft privacy fence and lock it up. Plus the house to the east of me is cursed. Evryone who lives there are disfunctional. And that's coming from me!! lol Good day Neighbors!!

  • Is FaceBook for kids?

    I don't know about you but I had to take my 13 year old off of Facebook for awhile. It seems to cause more problems than good with the smaller generation. It seems they have enough on their plate these days and probably dont need any FB time. On the other hand its great for grandparents and their grandkids to keep in touch. I have found out that if you do let them on to make sure you check there history and that they are not getting into trouble. It can be a place for more bullies and bad things to start w/ the lil ones.

  • Medallion still out there....

    Well the medallion is still out there. It's time to buckle down and really start looking for it this week. To tell you the truth I have been slacking on it but I hope to get in on it this week. Good luck on the Hunt!!!

  • Off the grid!

    Wouldn't it be great to make your own electricity,tap your own water well,Have your own way to heat yourself without paying some corporate biz to take everything you make.

  • Hatfields and McCoys

    Hatfields and McCoys mini series was great!! If your looking into the historical accuracy then this might be a good start. I found it interesting. Lets start the FAMILY FEUD!!

  • Riverfest starts THIS weekend!

    That is right!! Riverfest is back!! Rick Springfield and Survivor are this weekend at the West Bank Stage. The medallion hunt will be going on. Are you playing? I am. I will be enjoying that new ride of mine when I find the medallion!!! Good Luck and saee ya somewhere at the Riverfest. more info :

  • Great Weekend!!

  • Facebooks ruins.....

  • Last day of school for the kidsters!!

    Well here we are the new start of another summer. What does it have in store for us? Kids are now out and are all ready to PLAY!! My boys are all ready for the vacation to South Padre to see Grandma and swim with the sharks lol !! Get ready parents to stock up with the food cause this is when it goes fast!!! They say the food in the house goes twice as fast once school is let out. Gonna go to the store and buy 15 boxes of the Pop Ice's for the kids in the neighborhood!! Happy Summer to you!!

  • Here is a question for you.....

    Shouldn't we observe Veterans Day the same as we observe Memorial Day?

  • Mick Jagger made me laugh!!

    I had a great time watching SNL the other night with Mick Jagger hosting. He did great on his deliveries. Did you see the Karaoke skit ? That was pretty funny. Until next time!!

  • Man dies in the middle of a lap dance!!

  • Asteroids that could possibly hit the Earth..New Nasa study

    Nasa did a study recently about potenetial dangerous asteroids that could hit Earth!! Of course if they dont hurt us lets hunt them down and SELL them!!! Remember anything they hit increases in value. (Examples- Mailboxes,Cars,Home ect. ect)

  • This weekend is a busy one!!!

    Hope to see everyone out and about this weekend for Ribfest at the Intrust Bank Arena. 6 national Rib vendors will be there. They are setting up for it right now. Soooo if you love Ribs as much as I do then you had better get out there before I eat them all up!! On Saturday the Fox will be in FULL FORCE with our Fox day at Ribfest with Poultry in Motion and Pretty Ugly playin live for us while we consume da ribs. And dont forget that Hank Jr will be playing later that night inside the Intrust Bank Arena!! See ya this weekend Wichita!!

  • Mick Jagger will Host and Perform on Saturday Night Live this Saturday

    For the first time in history Mick Jagger will be hosting and of course performing too!! May 19th the finale of Sat Night Live's 37th season. Jagger was previously musical guest in '93 and 2001,although he also performed on the show w/ the Stones in 1978. I know I will be watching!!

  • The Fox Worforce Payroll makes people HAPPY!!

    WOW!!! Once again it pays to listen to 104.5 the Fox!!! TheFoxs MarkGood called my name for the workforce!! I'm now on the clock making $50 an hour!!! My Mondays have been purdy darn sweet the past couple of weeks! Can't complain! Thank you 104.5!!!

  • I love to get out and metal detect

    Well after the last 3 months of metal detecting we have found lots of coins , 1863 bobwire , old 1890's shotgun shells,1890's Bullets and shells, a 1943 airplane machine gun rounds(SL 43 rounds) out by Boise Cit Oklahoma(the only city that was bombed during WW11) I heard they did practice bombing and war plane shooting out there in the 40's. Old pioneer firepace - On a old wagon trail we unearthed a 1892 Check Canceler that is now on display at the local museum with our name on it!! Not to mention all the Indian artifacts that we find while digging!! The old west is soooo alive !!! Gold rings and even an old crucifix!!! The list can go on and on but that was enough for now!!! BTW THE KIDS ARE HOOKED!!!!

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