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  • I find myself saying "REALLY?" alot lately!!

    How about you? Do you seem to be wandering around this world like myself saying......."Really?" It seems alot of common sense has failed to make it through the ages or maybe its just being born in front of our eyes. I am definately not perfect but it seems people are not that much in the give a s**t mode anymore or cant accomplish their own jobs and of course customer service is at a all time low!! REALLY? Good day to you all!!

  • So does customer service really exist anymore?

    I went to a restaurant this past sunday and had one of those curbside deliveries. Well it seems they took forever and got my order wrong that cost about $85.00.They brought most of the order out except for the hamburger . I told them the problem so they said sorry and said they would put the order on priority. That "PRIORITY" took another 15/20 minutes.After I went into the place because they took sooo long I asked the guy what was up? And he said that it was coming out hot and fresh...I asked him about the other $70.00 of food that was sitting for the last 20/25 minutes..Is that still fresh? He didnt have an answer for me of course. So after the whole ordeal I left with the food and got home only to be even more upset that the rest of the food was cold. Now!!.....I called the place to complain to the manager and they said to come in the next day to get vouchers for new food because of my experience. I couldnt make it that day so I went in yesterday and when I went in the General Manager said that they dont give vouchers and the people I talked too had it wrong(they dont give vouchers) and was trying to cover the employees there about how busy they were and she said I was late for NOT coming in the next day so did I lose out ? . Long story :0) They gave me the run around and a couple of vouchers for 20.00 in free food and too call them when I want 4 free hamburgers or something. She tried to argue with me about my crappy experience. I spent 85.00 and had cold food. No customer service at all!! It's like she was trying to make it my fault for being late too complain about their crappy service!!! arggggghhhhhh!!! Time to write their administrative office!!! whew!! that was long!!! :0)

  • Van Halen is coming to WICHITA!!

    Well it is official!! VAN HALEN IS COMING TO WICHITA!!! Sept 17th to the Intrust Bank Arena

  • Super Moon!! May the 4th be with you

    Welcome to your Friday!! First off....May the 4th be with you!! This weekend is going to be out of this world!! Please welcome the "SUPER MOON" this weekend it will be closer to Earth than any other time this year.30% Brighter and 14% BIGGER!! Far out man!!

  • It's not too late too play the Fox Workforce Payroll Contest!

    If you are wanting to play our game then you need to get signed up!! Here is our link below and keep listening to the Fox to hear your name - call in - and WIN CASH!!!

  • I lost my wallet !! Dont worry there was no money in it!! lol

  • Tom Petty almost sold out!!

    I remember awhile back when alot of peeps in Wichita were upset that shows never sold out here in Wichita. Well a special pat on the back for almost making this rock show sell out. This is probably the first BIG rock show Wichita's new Intrust Arena has seen. So a big thanks goes out to EVERYONE who got a ticket for this great show tonight w/ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. See you there. Be early around 5 and have a chance at winning FRONT ROW TICKETS TONIGHT!!! Come to the Fox Booth for info!

  • Indecency training today!!

    Today here at the radio station we were taught about how NOT to be indecent on the air!! We wouldn't want to drop any "F" bombs on anyone!!! Or the "S" word!!! We like to keep it clean here at the Fox so no one is offended!! So I hope everyone has "F" ing great day!!! lol See ya at Tom Petty tomorrow!!! :0)

  • Tom Petty's Guitar's were stolen and recovered!!

    Classic rockers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were thrilled to get back five guitars stolen less than a week before the start of an international tour.

  • We made it through safely!!

    What a wild ride Wichita!! No fatalities!! Lots of clean up to do but we made it!! Special thanks to all the Weather pro's!! All of our good friends here in the KFDI building are the BEST PERIOD!!!! Great KFDI Weather crew!!! YOU ROCK !!!!! One thing stands out in my mind from the other night while I was at the Hyatt downtown Wichita during the storms. There was a guy who was obviously from another part of the country that doesnt or hasnt experienced Tornadoes before. The entire bunch that was with him for that matter. They were taking pictures of the tv as we were watching Merill Tiller forecast the situation. They were just texting away to there families and friends back home that they were part of the storm. In a weird way I think they were having fun. They acted like it was COOL!! WOW!! The nations eyes were upon Wichita the other night!! This morning on the weather channel there was a guy named Randy Keith who lost his house on the southside of the ICT and all he was happy about was that he found his Beatles Vinyl in the reckage!! Thats awesome !! We are alright!! Be safe Wichita!!

  • Bad Weather tomorrow?

    Just a heads up that tomorrow maybe one of those days here in Kansas and for the Wichita area. Rain,Hail and Isolated tornadoes could be part of the mix. So plan accordingly with the kids and neighbors and whatnot. Keep your eye to the sky and be careful folks!! Thank for Listening to the Fox!!

  • Queen with Adam Lambert? He might fit well!!

    In a new interview with Billboard, Queen's Roger Taylor says the surviving members of the band will play four shows in total with Adam Lambert this year. Currently only a June 30 gig in Moscow has been announced, but Taylor says Queen and Lambert will play alongside Elton John in Kiev this summer, as well as a pair of shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in early July. "We're really excited about it," Taylor says. "Adam... of course he has this unbelievable range, like Freddie [Mercury] had range. Adam can really cover it. He's an extraordinary singer and a real talent. I feel he fits into our sort of theatricality."

  • Easter Sunday!!

    It was a great day yesterday!! Beautiful weather and chilling with good friends and all the kids doing the Easter Egg hunting in the country. It was like the perfect Little House on the Prairie weather!! I hope everyone else had a excellent Easter weekend like I did!!

  • My Toe!!

    Well old age seems to be creepin in. I can't remember what I did to my BIG TOE to make it hurt soooo bad . I can't seem to bend it or walk on it. Maybe I have been hunting to many fossils in the backcountry and it is catching up to me. If you can see anything wrong from my picture I am always game for free scannings. Well it looks like a couch day with plenty of ice and heat today. This BIG TOE is a very important part of life I have found out!! lol Have a great day!!

  • I have a bunch of new pictures of some of my adventures up on our website. Check them out if you have the time on this rainy Wed!!

    All sorts of pics from our adventures here at 104.5 The Fox and from my TV show "HeavyPork" on Fox Kansas. Its been a WILD RIDE BABY!! :0)

  • Love 4 Landon - please help this little guy

    I am writing my blog today with hopes that I can get a few good people to help out with this benefit to help this 16 month old boy named Landon. He is very sick and is needing the help with his hospital bills so his parents can focus on his other needs. My last child that we helped out was Noah Hill in Park City who lost his leg due to cancer and btw HE IS HEALED NOW!!! Thank You all!! Now if we can focus a little time on lil Landon that would be great!! Here is his link:

  • Experience Hendrix TONIGHT!!!

    Well tonight is finally here. Experience Hendrix rolls into town. As we speak the worlds best guitarists are here in Wichita getting ready for tonight. Who knows you might see Brad Whitford or Robbie Krieger of the Doors wondering around our fine city!!

  • Tewnacious D Fans BEWARE!!

    Tenacious D have set a May 15 release date for Rize Of The Fenix, the comedy-rock duo's third album, with the title track now landing at radio. Dave Grohl plays drums on the album and cameos in a new, six-minute short film promoting the return of the D. Jack Black & Kyle Gass will also tour in support of Rize Of The Fenix, kicking off the trek in Santa Barbara on May 23 and winding up in San Diego on July 29. You can see the film, titled "To Be The Best," below:

  • Do people at stoplights take longer nowadays?

    Since the days of cell phones are upon us and texting it seems that everyone loves to text while at the red lights. That is safer than driving but it doesnt help getting people moving when the light turns green. I have been doing a test at all the stoplights and have been watching who doesnt see the light turn green cause of them textin. It just seems that now if there are 15 cars at the light that only a low number of them get through before the light turns red again. Just make sure when your texting at the light you also pay attention to the one thing you should be doing at that moment and DRIVE!! I am going to tell you that I am guilty too!! :0) Good Day to ya!!

  • Up early all week!!

    In for the Jan & Phil show all this week. Up at 5:00a and out the door!! You got to give it to Jan & Phil for getting up early all these years for you. They will be back from vacation next week. Until then I will be talking to you every morning. Spring Break is also upon us ..... To all the parents out there trying to juggle the workplace and kids at home!! GOOD LUCK! Have a wonderful day today!!

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