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  • In for Jan and Phil all week!!

    Tune in for the Quirky Question for your chance to try Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburger combos for free!! Just for being the first caller with the correct answer at or around 7:10 every weekday morning.

  • July 4th approaching

    Its coming fast this year!! Enjoy yourself and be safe!! I think I will be staying in town for the holidays so hope to see you out and about somewhere in Doo Dah!!

  • Leaky basement

    Well it looks like I need to turn into a plumber the next couple days!!! My backyard spicket is a leaking in my basement!!! Arrrgh!! The joys of being a home owner !!! Good day!!

  • I'M back!

    Fresh back from a lil vaca action!!! Went to the enchanted state for a lil while. Made it safe and sound and happy to be back home!!!

  • 2 days away from the Wichita Riverfest!!

    Here it comes!!! Are you ready? Join Phil & Jan at the Admirals breakfast Friday morning. Enjoy yourself this Riverfest. Be safe!! See ya round downtown!!

  • Riverfest approaching!!

    Ready or not here it comes!!! I hope this year I can find the medallion!! They are doing it this year aren't they? I have been sooooo close each year except last year!! If not I will see you at the events!!

  • Great seeing everyone over the weekend!!

    Another weekend of Ribfest!!! Did you get to try it out? Do you think it took too long to get your ribs and did you enjoy them? Hope you had a wonderful time there!! See ya around!!

  • Hats off to the Valley Center Madrigals!!!

    They sing on stage tonight w Foreigner!!! This will be night they NEVER forget and may shape some new stars in the making!!! TOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Congrats to all of you!!! WE ARE PROUD!!

  • Sooooo no Spring for us?

    From cold temps to HOT just like that!!! Bamm!!! Please mother nature can we have just a few weeks of some spring w nice rain and no nasty nasty nasty weather? Or have we polluted the envirnment so bad that bad weather is all we deserve? Things that make you go hummmm. Good day to you

  • Happy Cinco De Mayo Weekend coming up!!

    I love this holiday!! Good food Good people!! Happy Cinco !! I think I will start my party a little early!! ;)

  • Jackson Browne is coming July 21st!!

    Yes!! Last time he sold out so get you tickets fast!!! We are giving away tickets all week on the Fox!!

  • I missed the Blood Moon!!

    I do believe there will be 3 more chances this year. Hope I dont miss those!!

  • Aerosmith changes "Dream On" for Boston Marathon

    Very nice piece for Aerosmith to do for the victims. Check out a little of it here ...

  • Concerts are a brewing!!

    Go check out our Concert Calendar for all the shows in our area. Steve Miller w Journey .....Neil Young......Motley Crue w Alice Cooper......Rocklahoma!! Go plan your summer accordingly and we will see ya at the shows!!

  • Rolling Stones have been everywhere ...almost!!! They will be playing in...

    Israel!! Of all places !! They have been asked to play numerous times and now on June 4th 2014 they will be playing!! Also they will head Down Under to play since after Micks girlfriend died they had to cancel the tour. Rollings Stones are a rolling !!

  • Always next year!

    Well they gave it their all and fell a lil short!! It was a great game no matter!!! My throat hurts !!! lol GO SHOX!! See ya next year...Thanks for the wild ride!!

  • Phil is back!!

    Got done filling in for Phil and now its time to go get some slepp!!! I dont know how they do it for all these years!!! lol Talk to you soon!!

  • Go Shox!!!

    As a longtime Wichitan I am very proud of our Shockers!!! There is a sense of pride out in the town. Show your pride and keep up the positive!!! Go Shox!

  • Back from Vaca!!

    Feeling very good today!! Just got back from skiing w my 2 sons in New Mexico and looking forward to some home time too!! Vacations are great but they also make you miss your own couch!!! lol Have a great weekend everyone and we will see ya somewhere around Wichita!!



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