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  • Rolling Stones announced the release of the remastered, expanded, Super Deluxe, Deluxe and digital editions of 1978’s Some Girls

    Good news for Stones fans Fox Listeners!

  • Our good buddy Mick Fleetwood tells us Fleetwood Mac will tour again!

  • Steve-O's Nightclub Fire Joke Edited from Charlie Sheen Roast Special

    Though Comedy Central's roast of Charlie Sheen has yet to air, the special has already received criticism for an off-color joke made by one of the celebrity roasters.

  • Bob Seger rides again!!

    Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band have announced new dates for the second leg of their 2011 North American Tour. The group will be hitting a wide range of venues including New York’s Madison Square Garden, Eastern Michigan University to kick off the trek on November 2, and Seger’s first stadium festival show in decades at Orlando Calling on November 13. Additional dates will be announced shortly including the west coast swing of Seger's tour. Meanwhile, on September 13, Capitol/EMI will reissue Seger's multi-platinum Live Bullet and Nine Tonight concert albums digitally remastered with exclusive bonus tracks. Both titles will be released with restored original artwork and updated packaging and offered in a special CD/t-shirt box combination at select retailers.

  • Artists' who contain backward messages in their songs

    Artists who have been accused of backmasking include Led Zeppelin,The Beatles,Pink Floyd,Electric Light Orchestra,Queen,Styx,AC/DC, Judas Priest,The Eagles,The Rolling Stones,Jefferson Starship,Black Oak Arkansas,Rush,Britney Spears,and Eminem.

  • Phil Collins quit music for the Alamo?

    This was written back in 2009...but he is still hard at it!!

  • Shouldn't there be a "Wassup" button on Facebook instead of the"POKE".

    Shouldn't there be a "Wassup" button on Facebook instead of the"POKE". I find it weird when men wanna poke me. lol Good day to all!!

  • Rush to release a new record?

    Roadrunner Records has announced a new worldwide partnership with Anthem Records and legendary Rock trio Rush. The band will remain on Anthem/Universal Music in Canada only. The first release from Rush through this new deal will be various live configurations recorded during their Time Machine tour that wrapped earlier this summer. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks. The band also is working on their 20th studio album, titled Clockwork Angels, which is due in 2012.

  • Rare Autographed Beatles Single Brings in More Than $14,000 at Auction

    A rare autographed copy of The Beatles' "Please Please Me" single sold for 9,000 pounds (about $14,770) at a Fab Four-themed memorabilia auction held Saturday in Liverpool, England. The 1963 record, which was on the Parlophone label, was signed on both sides by George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, BBC News reports.

  • Raft Ride Down Flooded Street Leads to Arrest

    While most people on the East Coast played it safe during Hurricane Irene and stayed inside, two roommates in the Philadelphia area decided to have some fun outdoors. reports the men, identified as Pat and Pete, took a raft and rowed down a flooded Main Street in the Manayunk neighborhood because, Pete explains, “We thought it would be a good time and it turns out it is.” The local police didn’t agree -- Pat and Pete were arrested for what officers told was a “lack of common sense.” The two men have not been charged.

  • Ladies!! If you play paintball and have fake breasts then this is for you!

    A 26-year-old woman in the UK had one of her breast implants rupture while playing a game of paintball on August 20. reports the unnamed woman’s silicone implant became torn after it was struck by a paintball capsule, which travel at an average speed of 190 miles per hour. The woman underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. The outdoor paintball facility near Croydon, England has since added a warning in their consent form, advising women to notify them if they have implants so additional padding can be provided.

  • Kiss album to be a "Monster"

    Kiss has revealed the title of its forthcoming studio album -- Monster. A post on the costumed rockers' official site announced that the release is expected out sometime next year, while reporting that the band currently is working on the project in Los Angeles. Kiss' members have written all the tracks that will appear on the album, the group's follow-up to 2009's Sonic Boom, and no ballads will be featured on the collection.

  • Production Shut Down on Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger Movie

    Hi-yo, Silver, away? Not so fast. Disney has shut down production on The Lone Ranger movie that was to star Johnny Depp and The Social Network's Armie Hammer, according to Variety. Disney reportedly made the move because the film's budget was between 250-275 million dollars -- far more than the 200 million the Mouse House wanted to spend. However, Variety reports production is being halted only temporarily while those costs are brought under control, meaning the budget will likely be cut.

  • Driver of Motorized Beer Cooler Charged with DUI

    An Australian man was in court Monday facing DUI charges for allegedly driving a motorized beer cooler while drunk. The Herald Sun reports 23-year-old Christopher Petrie was arrested for DUI and driving a motorized vehicle without a license after his beer cooler, which is powered by a small gas engine, was pulled over by police in a beach resort town. Petrie’s attorney won an adjournment until August 16 so he could have time to establish whether a motorized beer cooler is, by law, a motor vehicle.

  • Van Halen Cancels Australian Festival

    Australian Festival Canceled

  • Charlie Sheen Says Kutcher Will "Kill It" on Two and a Half Men

    Charlie Sheen is still cheering on Ashton Kutcher, his replacement on Two and a Half Men. Caught on camera by in Los Angeles on Monday, Sheen said he's "rooting hard" for the actor, and that he plans to be "front and center" to watch the episode in which his character Charlie Harper is memorialized. "Who's not gonna watch?" Sheen laughed. "I'm just as curious as everybody else."

  • Charlie Sheen's "Meat Explosion" Exit from Two and a Half Men Revealed

    If TMZ is to believed, the gossip site has some major spoilers regarding the swan song of Charlie Harper, Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men character. A source who attended last Friday's taping of the show's season premiere told the site Charlie Harper dies in a suspicious train mishap in Paris, in an accident his stalker-turned wife Rose describes as "a meat explosion." The show apparently leads audiences to believe Rose, played by actress Melanie Lynskey, may have given Charlie Harper a push onto subway tracks and into the great beyond.

  • Man Arrested for Having Mini Nuclear Reactor in Kitchen

    For most people, a hobby is building model ships or collecting stamps. For one man in Sweden, it's splitting atoms in his kitchen. reports that 31-year-old Richard Handl enjoyed making mini nuclear reactors at his home and frequently blogged about his experiments. However all went sour for Handl after he started thinking that his nuclear lab might not exactly be legal and contacted Sweden’s Radiation Authority to check, which in turn tipped off police. The 31-year-old was arrested and could spend up to two years in prison if convicted.

  • Go see the Change-Up tonight!! You wont be upset!! It's FUNNY

    We did a sneak movie at the Derby Plaza wityh this movie this week and I will HAVE to tell you to GO SEE IT!! You will not be disappointed!!

  • Ashton Kutcher's character is being revealed on "Two and a Half Men"

    With the season debut of Two and a Half Men about to be shot Friday, some news about Ashton Kutcher's character is being revealed. According to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, the show's replacement for Charlie Sheen's womanizing Charlie Harper character will be Kutcher's Walden Schmidt, who Tassler said was an "Internet billionaire with a broken heart."

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