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  • Information on our New Years Party!!

    Keep it fun and safe with all of us at the Fox on New Years information below:

  • Dangerously Cold !! Prepare!!


  • Christmas with your families

    Getting ready for all the Holiday festivities! Hope everyone will get to spend it with their families. My family is all over the place from Michigan to South Padre Island. So it's rare for me to be with everyone all the time. Cherish each moment with your family! Happy Holidays

  • Still getting ill after having your flu shot?

    That seems to be what has been happening to me!! First I got the Flu shot then I got strep throat! Now I am starting to feel something Flu like coming on. It is probably a little bit of whats in the air. My 2 boys just love to bring home a those special little virus' to dad. My thought on this is to just dose up on the Dayquil and keep the feet a choppin. But if I am going to get sick it might as well be now instead of on Xmas. Hope all is well! Have a great day Fox listeners :)

  • After last nights DUI checkpoint they should of used SAFERIDERS!

    Last nights DUI checkpoint over on Kellogg and Meridian proves that our good buddies at SAFERIDERS can make a bad thing good for just $15.00. SAFERIDERS is going to be available during the Holidays for you. They are also available all year too. Make sure you put this number in your cell phone or write it down somewhere. 316 461 RIDE 316 461 7433

  • Lost pet during the holidays :(

    Well, Saturday was the last time that we have seen my kids little kittie. My poor little guys keep losing their kitties from some unseen events. We think it's an old lady from down the street who has been known by the neighborhood kids to be one of those people who finds an animal and keeps it. Today we are sending the kids around the neighborhood to knock on some doors and do a little investigating. It's really sad to lose a pet during the holidays or any day for that matter. We hope we can find our little kittie today. Wish us luck!! Happy Holidays

  • New Years Party is going to ROCK!

  • Classic Rocker Box sets make great gifts!

    I figured I would set you all up with a great list of the newest Box Sets for the Holiday season. By far the most popular category for 2010 releases is box sets. Enjoy Fox listeners!! :) Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology, 4-CD 1-DVD, Bruce Springsteen - The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story, 3-CD 3-DVD, Paul McCartney & Wings - Band on the Run, MP3, 3-CD 1-DVD or 2-CD 1-DVD or 1-CD, • The Who - Live At Leeds, 4-CD 1-LP 1-7" single, 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, 4-CD or 3-DVD or 2-Blu-ray or 2-CD Night 1 or 2-CD Night 2, Rolling Stones - 1964-1969 and 1971-1975, 13-LP ('64-'69) or 14-LP ('71-'75) remastered vinyl, King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King, 5-CD 1-DVD,

  • Our little lost kittie came home yesterday!

    That usually doesn't happen. We figured out what happened to our kitten. We had a good feeling it was a neighbor who hijacked the kitten. It wasn't the old lady down the street with the 16 cats but one of my sons "friends" who picked it up and was holding in their house for 4 days. After one of my sons other friends was playing by the other kids house who stole the cat, seen our kitten finally make a break for it out their door. When he seen this he ran over to our kitten and picked her up and ran down to my house to give her back to us!! I didn't expect to see our little kitten again. She is now safe at home for the holidays! :)

  • The American Red Cross and 104.5 The Fox

    We will be at the American Red Cross coming up Tuesday December 21st . We will be wrapping presents for the people who donate blood all for free. Just bring in up to 10 presents and we will wrap them for you while you save a life!! What a great deal!! Save time and money and save a life all at once! We will be wrapping presents from 8:30 to 6pm at the Red Cross located at 707 N Main on December 21st. Looking forward to seeing you there. :)

  • Cars for Christmas is a Go!

    It's just very nice to hear people get taken care of through the holiday season with not just any ole present but with something that really does affect their life. Phil and Jan have been teamed up with Car Santa for some years now and have made a HUGE difference in alot of peoples lives. It's just a solid team - The Jan and Phil Show,Cars for Christmas,All Parts Auto Salvage and many more!! And to all who help submit friends and family members names so they were able to get the vehicle they needed. Merry Christmas from all of us at 104.5 The Fox

  • 9 Weird Things to Freeze to Save Money

    9 Weird Things to Freeze to Save Money You might be surprised at the things you can keep in the freezer.

  • My kids told me..."Best Christmas ever Dad!"

    Well after spending ALOT of money on my 2 little boys and getting them almost everything they wanted for Xmas it has seemed to pay off. They were soooo happy on Christmas morning when they saw they got what they wanted for Christmas. All in all even after the presents were givin out my oldest one Noah told me that the presents were great BUT it's even better that we were all together and healthy and were a family. AND NOW.... it is all worth it. Thats all I wanted for Christmas. And I got it. Happy Holidays to your family

  • End of the World Parties ..better RSVP NOW!

    As we draw closer and closer to the year 2012 we had better get ready for the next big hype. Yep,thats right the "End of the World" predictions. As they predict the end of the world will lie on Dec 21st 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar . Remember Y2K? Exactly,another prediction for the ages? I guess we can only see until it gets here. So buckle up and get ready for another exciting year of crazy predictions. If you really want to check this out a little deeper go to this website. If you want to book a end of the world party check this out! Otherwise we will see you on Dec 22 2012!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • Mick Fleetwoods Island Rumors Band w/ our Gretchen on the Golf Channel

    I thought I would post a blog here on our very own sister singing lead for the Mick Fleetwood Island Rumors Band in Maui like she has all these years. My buddy Shawn Rhodes (her brother) called me the other day and she called him telling him that she was practicing w/ James Hetfield ,Alice Cooper and the Doobies for a New Year show in Hawaii. It's pretty weird having one of our very own HeavyPorkettes singing for such a high caliber of artists. Go Gretchy!! We all are proud of ya!! Here is a little video with Gretchen singing with Mick and crew. enjoy

  • It's time to take your Christmas lights down!

    This year I have taken my xmas decorations down in a timely manner. Last few years I think I might have made the neighbors wonder when I was actually going to take them down. I am thinking about being that neighbor who will be celebrating xmas in July and reset them all up just to be one of "those neighbors". I do know the kids would love it but that would mean I would probably have to buy them presents too. Oh well ...Thats just something the kids would remember for years to come."Remember when Dad did Christmas in July?" I think it would be fun. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Get out and see the Classic Rockers before they are gone!!

    Well as the world grows older so do our Classic Rockers! This is a great reminder to get out and see all the Classic Rockers before they pass on. In a few more years we will be losing alot of the BEST in the biz. I am just hoping the NEW guys/gals can come up with more great music like we enjoyed these past decades. Here is the info about our friend Gerry Raffertys passing.....

  • Do kids get out of school more these days?

    Man, It seems that kids these days are getting out of school more often than we did. I remember growing up only to get out of school due to a BLIZZARD! I know it is probably needed by the teachers these days and not to mention I think we have picked up a few extra holidays as well.I thought I'd blog about this to see if I aint alone! Good day to you all

  • Here comes the da do do Here comes the Snow and I say...

    Get ready for the Artic blast that is coming around Monday! In my earlier blog I was telling everyone to get their roadside emergency kit arranged. If it Blizzards and you get caught in the country from your vehicle breaking down you will need one. Don't be one of the people who say it wont happen to them. You dont even have to be that far from your house. So please get prepared before something happens to you and your family. BE PREPARED FOR THE WORSE! It's wintertime in Kansas ...You never k now whats going to happen til it does..Will you be ready?

  • Yep! Kids out of school again!!

    Just another week of the kids out of school. It's been a long run with all the holiday breaks. My children and I have really had the chance to spend alot of quality time together this past Xmas break. We have actually have had alot of fun. The latest rounds of weather have given us more time to hang out. We went sledding yesterday and late Monday evening. For alot of you parents out there it is definately hard to keep this crazy schedule. Well I know I need to get use to it. We have the weekend coming up and then another Holiday on Monday and Teachers -in-Service on Tuesday. The kids really are not going back til Wednesday of next week. This week is too far gone!! lol Have a great day parents!

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