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  • Always next year!

    Well they gave it their all and fell a lil short!! It was a great game no matter!!! My throat hurts !!! lol GO SHOX!! See ya next year...Thanks for the wild ride!!

  • Phil is back!!

    Got done filling in for Phil and now its time to go get some slepp!!! I dont know how they do it for all these years!!! lol Talk to you soon!!

  • Go Shox!!!

    As a longtime Wichitan I am very proud of our Shockers!!! There is a sense of pride out in the town. Show your pride and keep up the positive!!! Go Shox!

  • Back from Vaca!!

    Feeling very good today!! Just got back from skiing w my 2 sons in New Mexico and looking forward to some home time too!! Vacations are great but they also make you miss your own couch!!! lol Have a great weekend everyone and we will see ya somewhere around Wichita!!



  • Diving Deep at Noon Weekdays

    We are Diving Deep w/ Mark Good and your chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate from Old Chicago. If you name the 3 songs we played (after playing them) be the 10th caller... Monday thru Friday!! Today's featured Artist was: Grand Funk Railroad

  • Car is in the shop due to someone who doesn't know how to drive!! lol

    And it wasn't me!! lol They hit my front tire in Leekers parking lot the other day during the Apocalypse !! Oh well Hopefully it wont too long to get it fixed!! Be careful out there !!

  • Atlanta blew it!!

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of our road crews around here when the weather gets crappy!!! Hats off to you!! WICHITA ROCKS!!

  • Motley Crue and Alice Coopewr are coming to Doo Dah!

    July 12th @ Intrust All things Bad Must Come To An End Tour w/ Alice Cooper.

  • Super Cold Big Game!!

    Looks like a good time to stay in for the Big Game!! Ticket prices for the game are falling due to the weather. This might be your BIG chance to get into the super game!! Otherwise nothing like enjoying it here in Dood Dah at Hereos!! Cya there!

  • Strip Clubs that accept change?

    Wouldn't that be funny!! Install those baskets like you see in the Oklahoma Toll booths where you throw your change in them!! They could automattically roll them for the girls when they are done shakin that tailfeather in your face!!- Random thoughts

  • Some Dennis Rodman news !!! No not North Korea

    Rodman must be partying to much in North Korea!! lol

  • New Orleans In April and May?

  • Alright KC Chief fans!!

    Who are you going for now? Looks to me I will be going for New England!! Good day!!

  • Snow Ice Cream ..Be ready for the next snow!!

    Here is a link to use with your kids the next time it snows!! They say not to eat the first snow because of toxins...So here you go if you didn't know how to do it yet? Enjoy. Just dont eat the yellow or brown stuff!! lol

  • Winterize your car and have an emergency kit!!

    Dont forget to have all your emergency gear ready to go in the cold weather. Maybe if you dont breakdown and see someone who needs help then you are ready for you and your fellow neighbor!! Take care a be safe!!!

  • First blog of 2014

    Well here we are!! If your reading this then you made it to 2014!!! Looking forward to a fresh new year!! Wishing the best to everyone single one of you!! Great seeing everyone at the New Years Party!! Talk to you soon!!

  • Happy New Year !!

    Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!! Getting ready to head to the Best Western North for the big party!! Sleepy Truckers are playing tonight and I am looking forward to seeing everyone !! Hope 2014 has great things in store for all of us!!

  • 2013 Christmas was a success!!!

    I had a wonderful xmas w my family and hope the same happened for you. Peaceful and happy!! Looking forward to 2014!! Tell us your New Years Resolutions on our Facebook page

  • If you want to help someone!! Help these folks!!

    They had all their presents stolen and if you could help them please do!! For more information how you can help the Reyes family please call Glenville Baptist Church at 316- 524- 6801. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

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