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  • Snow Ice Cream ..Be ready for the next snow!!

    Here is a link to use with your kids the next time it snows!! They say not to eat the first snow because of toxins...So here you go if you didn't know how to do it yet? Enjoy. Just dont eat the yellow or brown stuff!! lol

  • Winterize your car and have an emergency kit!!

    Dont forget to have all your emergency gear ready to go in the cold weather. Maybe if you dont breakdown and see someone who needs help then you are ready for you and your fellow neighbor!! Take care a be safe!!!

  • First blog of 2014

    Well here we are!! If your reading this then you made it to 2014!!! Looking forward to a fresh new year!! Wishing the best to everyone single one of you!! Great seeing everyone at the New Years Party!! Talk to you soon!!

  • Happy New Year !!

    Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!! Getting ready to head to the Best Western North for the big party!! Sleepy Truckers are playing tonight and I am looking forward to seeing everyone !! Hope 2014 has great things in store for all of us!!

  • 2013 Christmas was a success!!!

    I had a wonderful xmas w my family and hope the same happened for you. Peaceful and happy!! Looking forward to 2014!! Tell us your New Years Resolutions on our Facebook page

  • If you want to help someone!! Help these folks!!

    They had all their presents stolen and if you could help them please do!! For more information how you can help the Reyes family please call Glenville Baptist Church at 316- 524- 6801. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  • Portable North Pole ...for your kids!! Check it out!

    This is a perfect way to get your kids ready for xmas!! Its really cool and's free!!

  • Xmas shopping in progress!!

    This past weekend was very interesting. It seemed I had a wonderful time just people watching!! You never know what your going to get. lol Finishing it all up sometime this week hopefully!! Good luck and Happy Holidays!!

  • Everything the kids want costs.......

    $ 250.00!!! I have always gone for more presents than just a couple of big gifts when I was younger. Now it seems all the cool toys are crazy expensive!! So it looks like just a couple of gifts of what they want and then a bunch of socks and underwear !! Xmas is done!! lol Happy Holidays!

  • Shopping this week!!

    I am heading out this week to brave the rapids!! Xmas shopping all week!! I know I should do this earlier every year but time is just flying on by!!! Happy Holiday to all!!

  • Get your room reserved before its too late !!!

    Our New Years eve party will be here very soon!! Its getting very very close to selling out!! Best Western Wichita North Hotel and Suites is where its at!! Keep listening all week for your chance to win TSO tickets! Happy Holidays folks!!

  • Turkey Day was perfect!! And now its time too....

    Put up the Xmas lights today since the weather is going to be awesome!!! Dont wait til after Wed this week because the Highs will be around 20/30. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Turkey Day approaching rapidly

    Hope you got your bird out!!! Its about time!!!! YAY!! Happy Holidays!!

  • Back to A - Z week!!

    Sit back,Relax and let us do the work!!! Happy Holidays!!


    Time to bundle up this weekend!!! Be careful out there in case it get crappy!!! Talk to you soon!!

  • Dreamlifter!!

    Get to where your suppose to be!!! lol Thats all !!! :)


    The A to Z week has been great!! I love hearing from all you out there. It seems you all are enjoying the fun. Tell all your co-workers and set all the radio's to 104.5 The Fox!! Good day !!

  • Monty Python Reuniting?

    3 Days away from the group revealing what they are up to in the coming months. It takes place in London in three days. Here is link for the Python fans!!

  • A to Z Week is rocking!!!

    The Fox is sounding awesome!!!! The A to Z week!! Make sure you turn up your radio and listen along today . Listen while you work. Another great day ahead of you! Have a great weekend :)

  • Heading to the grocery store to start looking for a bird!!

    Just gonna stick around town for the holidays!! No big trips...just some good ole family time w my boys and family. Whats left of them . lol I was thinking about putting up xmas lights but I figure I will do it the day after Turkey day. Gobble Gobble

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