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  • Another great weekend!!

    My weekend was filled with great peeps and family!! From the Toy Run to 4 wheelin w/ my kids and friends down by the river!! Whats in store for next weekend? Have a great day everyone!!

  • Halloween tomorrow!!!

    I am heading to the grocery store today for my last minute pumpkin carving fest!!! Oh no!! I need to get candy too!! Have a safe and Happy Halloween kids!! Good day!

  • Happy Halloween weekend!

    Time for the costume parties!!! Hope you have a fun weekend. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED MONSTER!!!! Good day !

  • Time to get out for a bit!!

    I was thinking about getting out o town this weekend. Need to get that fall air through ye ole lungs!! Any thoughts? Thanks Good day!

  • KC CHIEFS!!! YAY!!!

    It has been toooo long!! Its time for us!! You know who you are !!! I have never left the bandwagon!! Through thick and thin baby!!! I LOVE MY CHIEFS!!! Good Day!!

  • Moody Blues Rocked and Sold out!!

    Thanks to all of you for the great support. The guys in the band were so happy!! Even the promoter smiled!! lol ;) Good Day!!


    Hartman Arena tonight is the MOODY BLUES!! Tickets still available so get on out and we will see you there. They havent been to Wichita since 1984. It will be a great show so come on out and hang w us!! We would love to see you!! Good Day!

  • Halloween time!!

    I need to get my decorations out and put them up. I was thinking that I just might go ahead and put up my xmas lights and have Santa sit on the front porch and give out candy canes for Halloween!!!


    Just get out and talk a walk today !! Its beautiful out!! Breathe my friend breathe!!! :)

  • Eagles are TONIGHT!!

    A guy called me up today and asked...."Hey Man I dont mean to have a stupid question,but are the EAGLES tonight? " lol YEP THEY SURE ARE!! SEE YA AT THE FOX BOOTH BEFORE THE SHOW!!

  • Lots to do this week!!

    Coming up w the Fox is the Eagle's at the IBA!! Also in the near future is the Moody Blues at the Hartman Arena! Go to our homepage on to get the lowdown and dont miss out on all the cool shiz that's up w the FOX!! Good day!

  • My washer went out today!!

    It looks like yo might be catching me down at the Ole Sit and Spin in Park City doing my laundry today!! You might even get a call from me if you have a washer for sale on Craigs List!! lol Rock On!

  • Crazy drivers !!!

    After driving around today I am sooooo lucky to be alive!! One guy was in so much of a hurry to get in front of me at Mcdonalds that he cut me off to get pole position. What he forgot about was there is 2 lanes in the drive thru now days. So I went into the other lane ,ordered and when in front of him. He wasnt ready enough to even know what he wanted. If your in that much hurry at least know what you want if your gonna cut people off!! People need to slooooooooow down just a lil!! Good day to you !!

  • Great weather!!

    I dont know about you but I had a fabulous weekend!! Plus I get to save $$$ turning off the a/c and get the funky smell outta the house!!! lol Enjoy!!!


    Who is your favorite football team? Go Chiefs!!

  • Moody Blues tickets and Lewis Black tickets

    Yes!! We are giving them away all week! So make sure you keep it right on 104.5 The Fox for your chance to win tickets!!

  • Happy Birthday to the Kansas State Fair!!

    Heading to the fair tomorrow! Gotta get my Skynard on!! Hope to see you out there!!

  • Going to the Fair this weekend!!

    Hope to see ya all at the Kansas State Fair for Skynard this weekend!! Keep listening for your chance to win tickets all week!!

  • Patriot Day !! We love our Veterans!!

    Today is a day to remember the ones we lost due to bad people and remember all who has fought for our country with such sacrifices. Jan & Phil just got done today giving away cars for the veterans w Cars for Heroes!! Looking forward to another year!! Have a great day!!!

  • Chiggers!!! Who has the miracle remedy?

    I got the worse case of chiggers ever!! Who has the miracle remedy? So much for hiking through dense woods in the summer again! They are worse then ever!!! WOW!

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