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  • Turkey Day was perfect!! And now its time too....

    Put up the Xmas lights today since the weather is going to be awesome!!! Dont wait til after Wed this week because the Highs will be around 20/30. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Turkey Day approaching rapidly

    Hope you got your bird out!!! Its about time!!!! YAY!! Happy Holidays!!

  • Back to A - Z week!!

    Sit back,Relax and let us do the work!!! Happy Holidays!!


    Time to bundle up this weekend!!! Be careful out there in case it get crappy!!! Talk to you soon!!

  • Dreamlifter!!

    Get to where your suppose to be!!! lol Thats all !!! :)


    The A to Z week has been great!! I love hearing from all you out there. It seems you all are enjoying the fun. Tell all your co-workers and set all the radio's to 104.5 The Fox!! Good day !!

  • Monty Python Reuniting?

    3 Days away from the group revealing what they are up to in the coming months. It takes place in London in three days. Here is link for the Python fans!!

  • A to Z Week is rocking!!!

    The Fox is sounding awesome!!!! The A to Z week!! Make sure you turn up your radio and listen along today . Listen while you work. Another great day ahead of you! Have a great weekend :)

  • Heading to the grocery store to start looking for a bird!!

    Just gonna stick around town for the holidays!! No big trips...just some good ole family time w my boys and family. Whats left of them . lol I was thinking about putting up xmas lights but I figure I will do it the day after Turkey day. Gobble Gobble

  • Happy Veterans Day

    If you see someone from the military past and present please take time out of your busy schedule to say THANK YOU. That is all. We want to make our military feel special. They are . Hug them ,tell them you care and your thankful for their service. Good Day

  • Keeping busy as ever!!

    Hope all is well w everyone!! Heading into the holidays and trying to keep focus!! One of these days I will have my holiday shopping done early. NOT!!! Good day to all of you

  • Another great weekend!!

    My weekend was filled with great peeps and family!! From the Toy Run to 4 wheelin w/ my kids and friends down by the river!! Whats in store for next weekend? Have a great day everyone!!

  • Halloween tomorrow!!!

    I am heading to the grocery store today for my last minute pumpkin carving fest!!! Oh no!! I need to get candy too!! Have a safe and Happy Halloween kids!! Good day!

  • Happy Halloween weekend!

    Time for the costume parties!!! Hope you have a fun weekend. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED MONSTER!!!! Good day !

  • Time to get out for a bit!!

    I was thinking about getting out o town this weekend. Need to get that fall air through ye ole lungs!! Any thoughts? Thanks Good day!

  • KC CHIEFS!!! YAY!!!

    It has been toooo long!! Its time for us!! You know who you are !!! I have never left the bandwagon!! Through thick and thin baby!!! I LOVE MY CHIEFS!!! Good Day!!

  • Moody Blues Rocked and Sold out!!

    Thanks to all of you for the great support. The guys in the band were so happy!! Even the promoter smiled!! lol ;) Good Day!!


    Hartman Arena tonight is the MOODY BLUES!! Tickets still available so get on out and we will see you there. They havent been to Wichita since 1984. It will be a great show so come on out and hang w us!! We would love to see you!! Good Day!

  • Halloween time!!

    I need to get my decorations out and put them up. I was thinking that I just might go ahead and put up my xmas lights and have Santa sit on the front porch and give out candy canes for Halloween!!!


    Just get out and talk a walk today !! Its beautiful out!! Breathe my friend breathe!!! :)

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