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  • Labor of Love ...the weekend is here!!!

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with us here on the Fox with some great Lost Classics all weekend long!! Kick back , Relax and let us drive!! Good day!! :)

  • In case you missed this story!! lol

  • Labor day weekend!!!

    Its coming fast!! Time to enjoy yourself! This Labor Day weekend we are doing a Lost Classics weekend and need your help. Request a Lost Classic online @

  • What was your first concert?

    I have posted this question on our facebook page

  • Concerts coming w the Fox!!

    Get ready!! If you think the summer was busy it looks like this fall is going to be rockin w the FOX!! Be sure to check out our concert calendar for all the shows. It's always changing!! Check it out on our website right here!! Good day!

  • After this past summer...

    I have somehow let my house go!!! So the past week after I get off the air I head home to clean!! Boy I need to stay on it a little closer next summer!! OR NOT!! Good day!!

  • Wichita is a great city!!

    So we need a GREAT name for our airport!! Help Jan & Phil get the name changed!!! go to

  • Man I can't believe my yard was that deep!!! But......

    I was actually knee deep in the yard last night!! I had to do at least 4 passes on the yard to get it to the level I needed after at least 20 restarts after killing it!! lol My only positive thing was the very beautiful woman next door who was mowing at the sametime in her bikini!! woot woot!! Positive and negative works sometime!! GOOD DAY!

  • My mower died!!

    Man !! Does anyone have a mower I can borrow!! hehehe I have to make rounds to my neighbors to ask if I can borrow theirs!! So if you see me coming you know what I am needing!!! lol It's Nice day for a mow!!

  • Weekend time!!

    This week just flew on by!!!! WOW Has to have something to do with a lot of work and the lil ones heading back to school!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!! :)

  • My 8 year old went to school......

    and came home afterward w a 101 degree temp. I called in the school and told them. They said there is a bug going around!! Already!! lol Daddy to the rescue!!

  • School time!

    Today is the day of last minute shopping!! The kids start school tomorrow!! Wow!! Time to start going to bed early and waking up earlier! I see on Facebook a lot of kids went to school today!! We wish ya well lil ones!! Good luck in school.

  • Had a wonderful weekend!!

    The weather was so perfect and sooooo strange but i will take it !! And I did. Finished up shooting the movie "The Bender Claim" and it was one of the most exciting things I have done for a long time getting to work with some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood. Looking forward to our next film coming up in a few months. We even had the Fox locked in in between shots for some good music!! Hollywood was working w the Fox!! ;)

  • Heading out for school supplies!!

    That time of year again!! Gotta go push and shove for the supplies before all the good stuff is gone!! Daddy I want this Daddy I want that !! lol Love my boys soooo much!!!! I cant wait til I hear that Alice Cooper song again!! lol GOOD DAY!!

  • My yard is a jungle!!

    The cops have yet to come by and remind me my yard needs cut!!! lol Luckily my buddy knows that I have been extremely busy and the yard is too long for my oldest to cut so he started cutting it for me while I was at work. Thats a good buddy!!! Good day!! :)

  • Lets DO change the name of the Wichita Airport!!

    We are asking everyone to participate in this !! It is your airport Wichita!! Lets give it a nice name a great name!! How about Dwight D Eisenhower International Airport!?? Go to our website or Facebook page and sign the petition! or

  • Wow!!! My feet stink!!

    I dont know what happend but my shoes have turned into a living stinky specimen!! I have been in the prairie walking through what I thought was mud. Maybe it wasnt. I wonder if my diet is making the ole feet stink? lol Whatever it is ...I think I need new shoes!! Blech!! Good day!

  • Time to enroll the kids!!

    Summer has just screamed right on by!! Its time today for me to take the kids to school and enroll them. Time to start putting the kids down a little earlier each night to get them ready. I am sure that won't happen though! lol Have a GOOD day!

  • I have been working on a movie set!

    It's called "The Bender Claim" with a bunch of cats from Hollywood. Legendary Actors/Actresses Buck Taylor from Tombstone/Rough Riders, James (Jimmy) Karen from The Pursuit of Happiness and Poltergeist (Old man in Black hat) and Linda Purl from Happy Days (Fonzies squeeze) It has been a great experience and am looking forward to the next 3 weeks on the set! Action!

  • Its my birthday today !! so is...

    Geddy Lee of Rush!! and Neil Doughty of Reo Speedwagon and even Martina McBride lol!! Who do you share your birthday with? tell us on

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