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  • Time to try to grow some grass!!!

    I have this spot in my front yard that seems to be the devils triangle for lawn seed!! Nothing grows there!! It may have something to do with the 15/20 neighborhood kids running through my yard like it's I-35!! lol Good luck too me!!

  • It soooo nice to hear you all win $$$$$

    It is a blast to hear all of the Fox listeners get paid for rockin'!!! Lots of happy peeps!! Remember it's not too late to get signed up for the Fox Workforce Payroll!! Hopefully to talk to you soon!! And give ya some $$$$$$$. Good Day!

  • Fleetwood Mac show was awesome

    Another great show for the books and another hang with Fleetwood Mac backstage and talk w Mick for awhile. Very nice man and very humble. It was great seeing all you at the show all the way down in Tulsa. The summer is just starting up (maybe) and the shows are gonna pile up!! If you want to look at my pics from the show they are on our website here on the fron page!! Good day

  • Fleetwood Mac bound!!

    Headin to Fleetwood Mac in Tulsa tomorrow !! Who is going? You definately need to see them if you have not yet!!! Hope to see you there!!

  • Lets play hooky from work and play the Fox Workforce Payroll!!

    Might as well take the day off and play along w us!! lol Or multi task while you work. Hopefully you can get outside for a few minutes for some fresh air!!! GOOD DAY!!

  • Snowballs in the freezer

    This morning we got up and went outside to make snowballs for our springtime snow ball fight!!! They tend to hurt a little bit more after the come out of the deep freeze though. Maybe we will thaw them just a little before the war!!!!

  • Get paid to listen to us!!!

    That's right!! And it's not too late to get signed up and start making $50.00 and hour!! We don't ask much from you with the Fox Workforce. You can wear flip flops working for us while your drinking beer or whatever!! We will never pee test you ever!!! :) Get signed up:

  • Busy Weekend!!

    Ren Fair!!! All weekend!! Go check it out out the Sedg County Park. Its a great event for the fam!!!! Cya you there!!

  • Spring is here !! Time for some concerts!!

    Make sure you check out our websites concert calendar for all the show's that are getting close to us. We are currently giving away Fleetwood Mac tickets for May 1st in Tulsa @ BOK Center!! See you at the shows!

  • My heart goes out to all that were hurt yesterday

    So sorry for all the families that were affected by the latest tragedy in Boston. My heart goes out to you .

  • Single dads!!

    I think there needs to be some commercials on TV that target the single dad who has all the duties at home and holds a job at the same time. Also it seems they still have a lot of commercials that make the guys look like we can't do laundry still!!! Times have changed for a lot of men too!! Not only can we change diapers,mow the yard,do all the laundry but also fix the washing machine,the lawn mower etc etc. (And for the women who can do all this....YOU ROCK TOO!!)

  • Trees down!!!

    MyI had a treelimb come down in my backyard and take out one of my lines!! Thankfully it wasn't a power wire. I went into the backyard and tried to move that little limb but man was it heavy with all that ice on it. Remember the little limbs are very dangerous too!!! Much much heavier then usual. Be careful out there.In a few days it will be in the 70's!! Good Day

  • We have the classiest fans/team around!!

    Well even though we didn't win we showed the world how much class we have in Wichita!! The way I look at it is,we did win maybe not by score but by being a team (the city,fans,players) !! It's just the beginning!! GO WSU!!

  • Its all about the basketball!!

    This week has taken soooo long and its all due to the WSU game coming up on Saturday. We will be watching the game at the Fox and Hound so come on out and watch it with us!!! Can't wait til Saturday. I really think we can pull this off!!!! Go Wichita State!!!

  • WU stopped by the radio station today!!

    Support your Wichita State Basketball team!! Saturday can't come fast enough. Do you think they have a chance? Check out our Facebook page too. for all the latest piucs and news!

  • Now it's KU's turn!!

    What a game last night!! My kids fell asleep during the game so I was all focused on the game. I watched up until the last 3 minutes when they were 20 points ahead so I figured it was safe to get some slepp and get back up by 4am!! Time for some KU ball tonight!!

  • Up late tonight!!

    Go WSU !!! Cant wait to watch the game!! But it means the kids are gonna be up late. This means they will be grouchy in the morning!! Oh well tomorrows Friday!!! Good Day!

  • The snow is melting!!!

    My kids have been making snowballs and putting them into our deep freeze for the summer snow ball fight!!! Of course we will have to let them thaw a little before that happens cause they are currently hard as rocks!! Good Day! :)

  • Kids these days!!

    Dont know how to read a real clock,use proper manners,spell correc (spell check) lol , Mow the yard, work on cars and the list goes on and on and on!!! If it doesnt pertain to computers it seems the kids are out of touch even though they are in touch more than ever. Know what I mean? Good day!!

  • How about some heat!!!

    But not too much!! lol I am officially done with the cold! I know some of you may have heard me say I was wanting snow this year a while back. I'm sorry!! :) Lets move onto some warmer weather!!

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