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  • Back from vacation!!

    It seems I am needing a vacation!! After taking a nice vacation with the kids it seems it's time for another vacation!! lol Do you ever have those type of vacations??

  • Lots of livers will be hurting this weekend!!

    Spring Break!!! St Patty's day !!! Lets have a moment of silence for our livers this weekend!!.........................................................................................................................................................!!

  • Gonna do some metal detecting on the beach...

    While the kids play on the beach I think I will be metal detecting during my vacation. Last time we were down there we found a sapphire/diamond ring worth around $1500.00 . During Spring Break people lose so much stuff. Then we find it!! Thanks everyone!! lol GOOD DAY

  • Can I charge the city for potholes?

    It seems after hitting that pothole up on 135 and k-15 ramp after the snow it seems that was a little TOO BIG for that area and I hit it with my driver tire and now my front end is all out of line. Is there anyone or a number I can call and have them pay for it? :) Good day

  • Vacation time?

    Well the kids are wanting to go see their grandmother in South Padre Island coming up for Spring Break. I try to not go there during Spring Break but this is the only time we can get away during the school year. I will just cover my boys eyes when we get close to the college beach parties!! lol

  • Revolution No 9 by the Beatles is sooo creepy backwards

    Check it out yourself .......This should exist in a horror film should be used somewhere in the background!!

  • Bring back the Taco Tico

  • Unreleased Jimi Hendrix today!!!

    Check out this link if your a Jimi fan!!

  • Here is a good one....

    Money does not buy happiness, but it will let you be unhappy in nice places.” - Rock Star in Maui!!

  • Weekend is here!

    Getting ready for the weekend. Figured I would do some stuff w my children this weekend!! The weekend is here and the weather is cooperating so far! :)

  • What should I do today?

    Should I pay bills? NO!! Should I shovel more snow? NO!! Maybe I will use my time to go see a buddy that I havent seen in a long time!! YES Plus the kids are still at school!!! :) GOOD DAY to you no matter what you do!!

  • Bring on Spring!

    Man, I can't believe that was record snow for Kansas. It was a lot but not all what they made it out to be!! Better safe then sorry!! It was a record for the kids being out of school and all. I think between the In-service days and weekends plus all the snow days the kids have been home for 9 straight days!!! I am sure there are parents all over a little on edge along with a muddy house from all the snow/kidsters!! Bring on Spring!!

  • I made it to work!!!

    The way I look at it is I will miss all the fun snow if I sit at home!! I slid alllllllllllll the way into work!!!!

  • Go slow and you will get there faster!!

    It sounds weird but it is true!!! Have fun out there in the snow and be very careful. I am gonna take the kids around the neighborhood with my 4 wheeler I won off of Lets Make A Deal!!! ;)

  • Winter is back !! For a day or two?

    I will be heading to the store to get some supplies just in case!!!

  • My day off yesterday

    It has been a long time that I didnt have my children for the day. So I really didnt know what to do with myself so I did NOTHING!! I sat up in my bed and watched all the tv I could. Then I remember waking up around 2am with the TV blaring!! I still had snacks on my bed next to me and spit coming out of my mouth!! It was a GOOD day I guess you could say!

  • Say you love me!!!! SAY IT !!! SAY IT!!! lol Happy V Day ;)

  • Mountain Dew for breakfast?

    Thats right dew drinkers!! Time for a full balanced breakfast?? I love Mountain Dew but I am gonna have to check this one out!! It sounds weird. Here is a link

  • Oh how I miss the weekend already!!!

    Lol I think my weekend went a little too fast !! It seems I was just getting into the swing of the weekend to find that it was gone just like that!!! Oh well 4 more days til the weekend!!! wooooo whooooo!!!

  • Captain Kirk calls the ISS Space station!! Kirk here!!

    William Shatner calls space space the other day. Pretty neat educational video on this link if you have a few extra minutes.

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