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  • My day off yesterday

    It has been a long time that I didnt have my children for the day. So I really didnt know what to do with myself so I did NOTHING!! I sat up in my bed and watched all the tv I could. Then I remember waking up around 2am with the TV blaring!! I still had snacks on my bed next to me and spit coming out of my mouth!! It was a GOOD day I guess you could say!

  • Say you love me!!!! SAY IT !!! SAY IT!!! lol Happy V Day ;)

  • Mountain Dew for breakfast?

    Thats right dew drinkers!! Time for a full balanced breakfast?? I love Mountain Dew but I am gonna have to check this one out!! It sounds weird. Here is a link

  • Oh how I miss the weekend already!!!

    Lol I think my weekend went a little too fast !! It seems I was just getting into the swing of the weekend to find that it was gone just like that!!! Oh well 4 more days til the weekend!!! wooooo whooooo!!!

  • Captain Kirk calls the ISS Space station!! Kirk here!!

    William Shatner calls space space the other day. Pretty neat educational video on this link if you have a few extra minutes.

  • Dont forget about that special someone!!

    Valentines day is approaching!! Dont forget to make it a special day for the special someone so your relationship doesn't go south!!! lol Good Day!!!

  • Saturday mail?

    Will the no mail Saturday affect you. All that is ,is one less day for bills to come!! Good day alls

  • I will watch Chelsea Lately this week...

    Continuing his media blitz in support of the Sound City documentary, Dave Grohl will guest host Chelsea Lately all this week on E! Throughout the week, Grohl will interview Sound City participant Rick Springfield, the legendary Elton John and his friends Tenacious D, among other guests. Should be a great week of interviews if your a rocker that is!!!

  • Thankful that the lights went out !!

    If that didnt happen then I would have never got my chicken wings done in time for the second half. I was upset that my food was taking sooo long to cook that the cooking gods struck New Orleans just for me!! Thanks :)

  • On this day in 2001....

    Peter Criss left KISS His last show was on October 7,2000 :)

  • The future of old folks homes

    You know Grandma's and Grandpa's listen to Led Zeppelin,KISS,Metallica and the list goes on and on. A lot different now then it use to be. My grandma watched Lawrence Welk not Family Guy!! Soon you will be able to walk into a old folks home and Grandma's will have full sleave tats and fake boobs along w/ peircings where the sun dont shine!! lol Times are a changin!!!

  • Fleetwood Mac...all you wanna know!!

    Getting close to Fleetwood Mac tour dates for the midwest. Wanna get updated?

  • Enjoy the weather!!!

    Might as well just get out this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. I usually go up to my buddies land on the Santfe trail up north and find the old homesteads from the 1800['s and metal detect to find old artifacts. The last thing I found was a 1920 Kansas Tax Token !! Good day!

  • Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?

    In case you were wondering :)

  • Tid bits of useless info

    Happy Birthday to Steve Perry of Journey!! On this day back in 1969 Judy Garland died of an overdose and in 1972 David Bowie came out of the closet on "Melody Maker"

  • Did ya catch the new Hendrix? if not....

    Here is a link for ya.!!!

  • Football all day!!!

    Time to find out who get to go to the BIG GAME!! Maybe our old KC Chief Tony G!! I am aiso ready for the new Jimi Hendrix tonight on Hawaii Five O after the last game on CBS!! Thats right NEW JIMI HENDRIX!!

  • Give Lance another chance?

    What do you think? Everyone should be given another chance. He really did do some major NO NO's . If he recieved money from certain companies then he should pay them back. And probably give up his trophies. He might start hangin out w/ Pete Rose now!

  • Cheese fries or flowers?

    So, I was driving around Wichita and was thinking about my dear girlfriend, Janet, and thought about getting her something special - flowers, maybe. And then....there it was....Dog and Shake....Aaaaaaw(like the angels spoke to me)...So, I thought to or cheese fries? Which will bring a bigger smile to her face(she has a great smile)? Tis not the season for the wildflowers that I normally woo her I went with the fries....Winning!

  • Headin to get my kids the flu shot!!!

    My oldest son Noah has shared with me that he wants the flu shot after watching all the news. I told him he doesnt have to have it if he doesnt want it but it is very dangerous this year.He said, "Dad, I think I want to get it and I think my little brother should have one too!{" I dont know if that was cause he cares or if its that mean older brother thang!! lol -Good day

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