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Joe Walsh in Salina

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Joe Walsh,  Friday, July 13, 8pm  Best known for his powerful guitar licks, Joe Walsh has entertained the masses and captivated his peers for more than three decades with such classics as “Funk #49,” “Walk Away,” “Life’s Been Good,” and “Ordinary Average Guy.” A colorful character in the rock and roll scene, Joe’s reedy vocals, distinctive guitar playing and eccentric lyrics have entertained the masses for over 40 years. After playing with many band, Joe was asked to be the guitarist for the Eagles in 1976. During the next four years, the Eagles released chart-topping songs such as "Hotel California", "The Long Run" and "Eagles Live". Joe's solo career was extensive with albums such as "But Seriously Folks" which included the hit "Life's Been Good", “There Goes The Neighborhood” (1981), followed by “You Bought It, You Name It” (1983), “The Confessor” (1985), “Got Any Gum?” (1987), “Ordinary Average Guy” (1991), and “Songs For a Dying Planet” (1992). In 1994, the Eagles reunited for the release of a new album, titled “Hell Freezes Over”, which reached #1 on the Billboard Charts and sparked one of the most successful tours in music history. Joe’s catalogue of songs is the authentic soundtrack of our lives.  $69, $89, $109

Occurs once: Jul 13, 2012

Wichita, KS

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Scattered Clouds
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