The Fox has something brewing with Aero Plains

The Fox has something brewing with Aero Plains

In case you missed it, we're makin' a Fox beer with Aero Plains Brewing here in Wichita a part of their Co-Pilot Series! Plus, each of our on-air personalities is crafting their own beverage. Watch the process below and stay tuned for details on how you can sample and choose the best FOX brew! 

Watch the Video HERE

They saved the best for last, Pete's "Ohh Baby I Love Your IPA".

Mark's "Strong-lehold" is gonna be a one and done.

Roxx's "Whiter Shade of Pale Ale" is on it's way.


Check out Phil's "Wheat Emotion". 

Check back here as we work with Lance & his team to create individual jock brews plus a Fox brew.
And yes, we plan to share with you! 

First step: individual batch recipe creation meetings with the brewmaster at Aero Plains. 

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