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  • Joyland's "Louie" has been found!!!!!

  • LISTEN: Randy Bachman and Peter Frampton get "heavy"

    The first taste of Heavy Blues, the upcoming studio album by Randy Bachman's new group, Bachman, has made its way online. Check out the clip featuring the audio of the record's entire title track, with a guest appearance by Peter Frampton!

  • THE BIG *yawn* GAME

    I love professional football. I love NFL season. And every year I attach myself to certain teams. Usually about 3 or 4 teams are "my teams." Football purists will tell you I'm not a true "fan." True fans stick by their team through good times and bad, suffer through years and years of bad coaches and players and know in their hearts that the drought will end and their team will return to their glory days! Dallas Cowboy fans must be feeling that way about this season.

  • We need a "No Pants" event here in Wichita!

    Sunday was the 14th annual "No Pants Subway Ride." Travelers of all shapes and sizes joined together in some of the world's biggest cities on Sunday to take part in the yearly tradition that was started by comedy group "Improv Everywhere" in New York in 2000.

  • How long after January 1st should I stop saying "Happy New Year" to everyone?

    1 week into the new year and some people are still "Happy New Year" ing. That's ok with me really. For all I care you can "Happy New Year" as long as you want. Is there any set in stone rule on when you should stop saying "Happy New Year?" If I haven't seen someone since December 31st and I run into them in a couple of weeks can I "Happy New Year" them? After all I haven't seen them since last year. But if I use that as the basis for the greeting then technically I could see them in mid July and if I hadn't seen them since December 31st I could still say it! That would seem weird right? And then you get into the "what if I haven't seen someone in several years" dilemma..."Happy New Years??"

  • How often do you curse? 16 times a day?

    Todays "Quirky Question" was: The average American does this 16 times a day, what is it? The answer was: curse.

  • Christmas Gifts that lasted less than 24 hours!

    When you were a kid, did you get that one great Christmas gift that you played with so much on Christmas Day that you broke it? The Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle that you set up at the top of the concrete steps of your back porch? The James Bond Austin Healey that you crashed into the wall of your basement as it was making a quick getaway? Or in my brothers case: The "Taco Mini Bike!" There it was, unwrapped under the tree! A real mini bike!!! With a real engine!! Not some little kid pedal bike with a phony engine that made a phony engine noise. We just had to get it out into the backyard asap. All the kids from the neighborhood came to see, lining up for their turn on the Taco Mini Bike but alas, no one but my brother got to ride it. The details are a little fuzzy but I recall it being ran toward a hedgerow and halfway up a tree.


    The mouse is holding a piece of paper that says: "Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness" in French. This is my new favorite Christmas Card! What do mice and lobsters have to do with Christmas? Nothing! That's why I like it! Click the picture to see more odd Christmas cards from the early days of the industry when they didn't quite get it!

  • VIDEO: Roger Daltrey crashes wedding reception and sings with the band!


    Here's the official video for the new AC/DC song "Rock or Bust." There is also a "behind the scenes" video I have included. You may notice that drummer Phil Rudd does not appear in the video. Hmmmm... Don't know the latest on Phil's situation but, this much I do know:

  • WATCH!: Sneak Preview of Sammy Hagar on The Simpsons

    Sammy Hagar will join an illustrious list of fellow rock stars when he appears this Sunday in cartoon form on The Simpsons. The Red Rocker's voice and animated likeness will be featured in an episode titled "Covercraft," in which Homer -- suffering from a mid-life crisis after Moe's bar closes -- becomes the bassist in a cover band with some other local dads.

  • VIDEO: Jeff Daniels Pepto Bismol commercial!

    "Dumb and Dumber To" hits theaters today! -- Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back as the dimwitted duo Lloyd and Harry for the Farrelly brothers' sequel to the 1994 original. This time, the friends go on a road trip to find Harry's long-lost child.

  • LISTEN: Jan and Phil interview with Seth Gold from "Hardcore Pawn"

    We had the opportunity to talk with Seth Gold from the t.v. show "Hardcore Pawn." Although he seems a little abrasive on the show, he couldn't have been a nicer guy! I am officially a member of "Team Seth" now!

  • Voting is a Privilege Many Are Denied

    Today is election day all across our country. Please take time to vote. Many races are very close this election, so please know you are making a difference when you vote today. There are people around the world who wish they had the option of voting. Wear your "I voted" sticker proudly! I feel that when I vote I exercise the freedom for which our fine military has fought. Don't become jaded and say, "It doesn't matter". The nation will always face problems, but you can help determine the problem solvers.

  • "The Beard" lives to see another day!

    When the KC Royals made it to the post season for the first time in 29 years everybody was excited. Then they won the Wild Card game. After they swept the Angels I thought I would start growing a beard in honor of the Royals as many of the players are sporting beards. I said I would shave once the Royals lost a game. Hard core fans were saying to me: "shave it when they lose a series, not a game!!" My response was that the beard was my contribution to baseball superstition. If I keep the beard till they lose a game, they won't lose a game. I truly didn't expect it to work so well!! lol!! And so the beard lives to see another day. And if they sweep this series, I'm gonna get a little bushy.

  • It's National "Name Your Car" Day!

    Today is National "Name Your Car" day!

  • VIDEO: I'm going to go to Lucas, Ks. just to use the bathroom!

    One of the top 10 public restrooms in the country is in Kansas! Lucas, Kansas. Home of "The Garden Of Eden" tourist attraction. Read about it here and vote for it here.

  • Great Album, terrible cover. "Paranoid" was released 44 years ago today!

    Many people heard the words "I am Iron Man" for the first time 44 years ago today. On Sept. 18, 1970, Black Sabbath released their second LP titled "Paranoid". The album contains several of the band's signature songs, including "Iron Man", "War Pigs" and the title track. This album is considered by many to be their best work however the album cover art is just plain stupid! To me it looks like a character from a Monty Python skit. The album was originally supposed to be called "War Pigs" and I guess the guy on the cover was a "War Pig"?????? Anyway, in case you forgot what the cover looks like:

  • 8-Track players make their debut in new model Fords on this date in 1965

    On Sept. 15, 1965, Ford became the first American car company to offer 8-track tape players in its new models.

  • VIDEO: Watch the entire first episode of "The Monkees"

    On this date in 1966 "The Monkees" TV Show debuted. I loved the Monkees! I thought they were hysterical! Here's the entire first episode:

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