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Skipping School For The Good Of My Future Career

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This morning we have two "Job Shadows" from Newton High School hangin in the studio with us, learning about the business.  Courtney and Amanda are interested in the radio business so they will check out all aspects of the station today, starting with being on the air with me this morning.  We didn't have a "Job Shadow" program when I was in school but by the time I was in 6th grade at Kensler Elementary School in west Wichita, I already knew what I wanted to be when I grew up:  either a hippie (it was 1969 after all) or a radio D.J.  I swear that's true!  At the time the big radio station was KLEO A.M. 1480.  I was an avid radio listener, contest player and all around fan.  One day me and a friend of mine decided that after our lunch hour (you were allowed to go home for lunch back then) we would not go back for afternoon class, instead we would hike over to the KLEO studios which were located in a little white building just east of Ridge Road on 13th, I think the building and radio tower are still there...anyway, we made the trek over to the radio station and walked into the lobby where we could see through a big glass window into the studio where the d.j. was on the air.  He talked to us most of the afternoon while we watched him do his job, he asked us why we were out of school and we told him we went to Catholic School (which was a lie) and it was a holiday.  It did not even occur to us that he would know that that wasn't true.  It was an awesome experience!  I don't remember if we ever got caught for skipping school, we must not have because I think I would have remembered that part as well.  The point is, I created my own "Job Shadow" program before it even existed! 

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