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"It's Monday"

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The start of the week means being greeted in the hallway with an "it's Monday".  You pass a co-worker in the hall and ask them how they are, how's it going, something like that and they respond with "it's Monday"...which I guess means they're not doing so good.. I think Monday is getting a bad rap.  I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays but I don't hate them.  I need Mondays.  It there was not a Monday, there would be complete anarchy.  If there were no Monday, I would be out till all hours all the time drinking, partying, coming home and watching TV MA on know, the stuff I do on weekends.  Monday forces me to be good because I know I have to get my s*** together before then to function like the rest of the world for 5 days... I like Monday for that.  Monday is stability, normalcy, need Monday to start re-charging for the upcoming weekend when it all starts to come apart again.  You know...when you walk down the hall at work and you ask a co-worker how they are doing and they respond with a hearty: "it's Friday!"

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