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Again, I Never Smoked Pot

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Okay, one more time...I have never smoke pot.  Maybe I should have, but for numerous reasons I never did. Well, We received a rather unusual phone call at our house on Saturday. A police officer from a smaller town in the Wichita area informed me that a check I had written 19 months ago , on which I left the payee designation blank, had been turned in by an honest citizen (thank you unknown, honest citizen) and he wanted to know the circumstances surrounding the check.  It took me a minute to recall what had happened.  There was a name on the memo that was nearly illegible.  Turns out it was a check I had written to help out a listener who had health problems, was unemployed and needed a new couch.  I did not name a payee because I was not sure if the man in need had a guardian or conservator. The very nice officer wanted to know my driver's license number...I was having trouble reading it, due to the fact I could not locate a simple pair of reading glasses anywhere in the house (sigh).  I told him he was welcome to run a background check using my name and date of birth (like he needed my permission). He joked, "you know what they say about DJs".  I assured him I had never even smoked pot....I think he did believe me. He was very nice and I am happy the citizen who found the check turned it in. So, on last time...I am the wierdo who never smoked pot in the 70s!  Anyone else like me?

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