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Bruce Springsteen archive video...I love archives!

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I love archives...I'm talking about old photos, tapes, videos etc.  It's always fun to check out old tapes or pictures of people you know, to see and hear what they looked and sounded like.  Pics and video are especially fun because looks change, styles change and it's fun to make fun of those styles.  I've been posting pictures from my past on our facebook page and getting ribbed quite a bit for my hairstyles!  Hey,,,after all it was the '80's what was I supposed to do?  There are still quite a few pictures I haven't posted yet but I will get to them.  Here's a great archive...It seems like every day, more and more new material from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is released.  In this case, a new music video for "Ain't Good Enough for You," a song from The Darkness on the Edge of Town recording sessions,The video shows a young Springsteen happily singing in the studio and in rehearsal sessions with the E STREET BAND.  All my archives are from the mid '80's...this one from Bruce is 1978....32 years ago!

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