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Christmas spirit isn't all about decorations

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So here I am at my house looking around at the lack of Christmas decorations.   Years ago we really used to do it up.  We have a silver Christmas Tree that's packed up in a box in our garage.  We used to put it up in front of our big picture window and put on all the ornaments and set up two color wheels on both sides of the tree so it was awash in festive color.  But that was back in the day when we only had 2 dogs and they stayed mosty outside.  Well...years have passed and we have collected multiple dogs.  Our inside dogs quickly decided that they had their own ideas on how the Christmas decorations should be distributed...all over the floor.  The ornaments became dog toys.  We finally decided that the tree must come down and the dogs ruled the house.  I must say that even though we don't put up that tree, it still seems like Christmas around here...our puppies remind us of that.   I don't know what I would do without multiple dogs in my life...everyday is like Christmas!!!

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