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Phils first Guitar for Christmas

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At our house on Christmas morning, the presents were all wrapped and under the tree...except for one...THE BIG ONE!  My parents would always leave our big present unwrapped so that when my brother Vic, sister Traci and I would walk into the living room BOOM!  there it was!  We loved it!  Instant gratification.  Being a child of the '60's, I wanted to play guitar in a band, just like the bands I heard on the radio.  I expressed this desire often to my parents and I'm sure they thought it was "cute" and probably told their friends and had a good laugh, the kind of laugh parents have when relating a "cute" story about one of their kids.  So here it was...Christmas 1968 and my parents had left for me under the tree...A GUITAR!  It wasn't the electric guitar I had wanted but they explained to me that, if I was really serious about learning how to play I would take lessons and practice on my brand new acoustic guitar and next year...maybe I would get that electric guitar.  I took lessons at Uhlik Music which at the time was on the corner of Seneca and Douglas.  After that, I went through several private guitar teachers and though I never got really good at it, the next year I got the electric guitar.  Even joined a couple of bands before I finally realized I just didn't have the natural ability to play and hung up my dreams of becoming a famous rock star.  However, aside from wanting to be a guitar player in a band, I also wanted to be a D.J. and a hippie (it was the '60's after all).  And I'm happy to report I achieved both of those!   

Hope everyone gets that "Guitar" under their tree...Merry Christmas



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