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Joe Walsh Releasing First Solo Album in 18 Years

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I had a chance to meet Joe Walsh many times in my career, once when he was in town to be a judge for the Miss U.S.A. Pageant.  During that week, Dennis Miller was in town to do a show at The Cotillion Ballroom.  Joe went with us to the show and even got up on stage and performed 2 songs, just him and the grand piano!  Nobody knew he was even there until he walked on the stage...unbelievable!!! 

Here's a pic of the day he stopped by the station as we were getting ready to head out to the show

Another time he stopped by to promote his new album "Ordinary Average Guy".  That was 1991.  Well it looks like JOE WALSH is planning on releasing his first solo album since 1992's Songs for a Dying Planet. reports that Walsh will release the still untitled album in 2011, and that Walsh says of the project, "It’s rock and roll and it’s new songs. Hopefully it will get out April [or] May."  Walsh explained that the reason there was a massive gap between the albums was due to his sobriety in 1994.  He said, "I had to learn actually to write and play and do everything sober." 

In addition to sobriety, Walsh's commitment to the Eagles has taken up most of his time.  He wrote the new album during his downtime from the band and wasn't worried about how long it took to finally complete it.  Walsh said, "Its nice to do one because I want to and not because I have to and I’m really happy with it."  The Eagles are playing Asia in 2011, including China, Japan and Korea.

As for the album's title, Walsh says he's got a few ideas, one of which was inspired by a trip to Whole Foods.  He said, "On the side of the [Whole Foods] bag it says, 'I used to be a plastic bottle.'  And I thought that's a brilliant title. This may be a green album titled I Used to Be a Plastic Bottle."


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