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Homeless Guy With Incredible Radio Voice!

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We all worry about losing our jobs and being homeless on the streets don't we?  Even if we are secure in our jobs still, in the back of our minds there is that nagging "what if?"  Those of us in radio assume we have that something special, that connection with our audience or at least a voice that will keep us employed so.....if a guy with a voice this incredible can be without radio work....????  Check out his story:

Columbus Dispatch reporter DORAL CHENOWETH III was used to seeing panhandlers at a busy Ohio highway exit, but one homeless man's sign caught his eye -- it declared he had a "God-given gift of a great voice." Turns out he was right.  In a brief video Chenowith shot that's now going viral online, TED WILLIAMS demonstrates pipes that are the envy of any announcer.  The former radio pro confesses that he became homeless due to some bad choices that included drug and alcohol abuse, but claims he's now two years sober and looking to get back on his feet and use his voice to do it. 

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