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I need a hobby

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Right now I feel like I have no identity.  Well that's not entirely true...I am Phil Thompson of the Jan and Phil Show on 104.5 The Fox.  But your job is only one thing that defines you...another thing is what you like to do when you're not know...your hobbies.  I need a hobby! 

For the first time publicly I am letting everybody know that I am going through a divorce, and it wasn't until this process started that I realized I really had no hobbies.  Don't get me wrong, I do have interests and things I like to do but...I think the difference between those and hobbies is how much money you spend.  The amount of money you spend is the difference between an "activity" and a "hobby".  You could go hunting with friends as an becomes a hobby once you spend the money on the accessories:  the jacket, pants, gloves, vests, hat, gun, ammo, deer stand, deer get the idea, hobbies are expensive! 

So how does one pick a hobby after not having one for so many years?

I tried to get into mountain biking several years ago as a hobby, I bought an $800 bike, the helmet, biking shorts, gloves....all the accessories that make it a hobby.  I even bought one of those "camel backs"  you know, the backpack that holds water with the tube coming out of it so you can suck the water right out of it without using your hands.  My first mountain bike adventure was on some trails by Clinton Lake in Lawrence Ks.  It was 100 degrees that day and my wife, brother in law and friends took to the rather difficult winding trails.  About 1 mile into this roughly 10 mile course, I had drained my camel back of all it's water, was suckling off my wife's camel back and was completely exhausted.  I believe that day I exclaimed: "for $800 I could have bought a bed and an air conditioner!" 

So mountain biking is out of the question.

 I like to bowl, but it's not a hobby.  Again, activities become hobbies when you spend all the money on the accessories and, although I do have a bowling ball, bag, towel, and shoes it's still only an interest, an activity...I think bowling becomes a hobby when you buy the wrist apparatus.

So here I am...almost newly divorced and only a job description to define me.  I have interests but no real hobbies...I need a hobby...that doesn't come with a lot of accessories. 

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