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It's hard to look cool when you're sliding on the ice.

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So there I was, I had just left work here at the mighty 104.5 The Fox on Monday.  I'm driving down N. Broadway which had been covered in a fresh blanket of snow earlier in the day.  Next thing I know I'm spinning in slow motion, a complete 360 degree spin, right in the middle of the street!  Luckily there were no other cars near me but it suddenly occured to me as I came to a stop semi sideways in the road: "It's hard to look cool when you're sliding on the ice".
 I consider myself a pretty cool guy.  I have a cool job, cool friends, cool dogs, cool....okay not so cool car but still, pretty cool guy.  So there I am in the middle of the street sideways looking oh so uncool.

Even when you are up to your eyeballs in cool, sliding uncontrollably is not a cool look.  I offer for your consideration the following:  it was the late 80's, I was working at the cool rock and roll radio station in Wichita, I had just finished doing a live broadcast at one of the cool nightclubs in town, I was driving home in cool downtown Wichita, in the cool radio station van...and I'll admit this, since the statute of limitations has passed, I was smoking a joint which I thought at the time was a cool thing to do.  There was snow on the ground, snow on the streets and there I was, so wrapped up in my coolness that I wasn't paying attention to the stoplight in front of me.  Light turns red...Phil slams on brakes...slides sideways through intersection...joint in hand for all to see, including the police officer who was sitting at the intersection I was sliding through.  I smiled, waved and shrugged my shoulders as if to say: "I know I know...verrrrry uncool.  I think the officer, who waved back at me and smiled probably didn't pull me over because he figured the embarassment factor was punishment enough.  Because after all, it's hard to look cool when you're sliding on the ice.

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