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Cowboy costumes make me laugh.

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First things first, I have nothing against Cowboys.  Having a farm in southeast Kansas for the last 9 years I've come to know alot of Cowboys, real live Cowboys.  These guys have jobs that require them to herd, rope, and brand's their job to be a Cowboy, that's what they do for a living and like other professions it has a uniform.  The boots, tight Wrangler jeans, crisp western shirt, huge belt buckle (usually won at a rodeo), vest, bandana and of course the signature hat.  There are other professions that require uniforms:  Police Officers and Firefighters come to mind.  This is where the issue of costumes comes into play.  People don't walk around in the uniform of a Firefighter or Police Officer unless they are one and it's their uniform...or it's Halloween and it's their costume.  Do you see what I'm getting at?  Maybe it's just me but when someone is dressed up as a Cowboy when they aren't really a Cowboy, it makes me laugh.  Not out loud of course because most of these guys in Cowboy costumes could lay an ass whoopin' on me so I keep it to myself.  If I saw someone who wasn't a Firefighter walking down the street or hanging out at a nightclub dressed up in a flame retardant coat with the reflective tape on it and the big helmet...I would laugh at that as well. (again to myself...the ass whoopin' ya know).  And you'd likely be arrested if you wore a Police Officers uniform out and about if you weren't a Police Officer.  I think it's called "impersonating a Police Officer".  I think the only adults other than the ones that are real Cowboys that can get away with wearing a Cowboy costume are Country Singers but that falls under the category of "costume" I think...and again, Cowboy costumes make me laugh. 

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