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What Not to Give Your Sweetheart for Valentine's Day

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I mention this because I recently saw the seasonal aisle at a local grocery store stuffed, so to speak, with plush animals.  I am convinced that as a gift professing your love and appreciation for an adult woman, they are sadly lacking. I know of no female over age12 who's bedroom decor would be enhanced by stuffed animals.  Even women with a stuffed animal collection usually confine them to spare bedroom and would be happy with something more personal for V-day. So, if not a stuffed animal, what? A sincere love note would be far better ,or a host of other things. Guys, I do not mean to sound like you are clueless, you certainly are not (unless Charlie Sheen you are reading this). I just don't want you to be deceived by the stuffed animal aisle. Guys, if there is also a misconception about what men would like for Valentine's Day Phil and I would like to clear that up also. Let us know!

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