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How do you know?

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Round round get around I get around...when the Beach Boys sang those words I wonder if they were talking about, know...getting around!  And I wonder if they had the dilemma of trying to remember everyone they "got around" with?

I must admit, I used to keep track of things like that.  Really, didn't we all?  When you first start "getting around" you remember who, where, when, how long....then as time goes by, that list doesn't seem as important, you get involved with someone and those days of "getting around" come to an end.  A distant memory, or should I say memories.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because there have been times when I will be out and about and someone will come up to me that obviously has some history with me and my memory doesn't serve me well.  We've all had those times right?  We can't remember a persons name or how it is we know them.  The older we get, the more people we've met.  And the more people we' around with.

So how do you know if it's just an old acquaintence or someone who you shared a little intimacy with?  I know that sounds a little callous but some of those times in my life were a little clouded in a haze of alcohol and perhaps other substances.  And those days were a long long time ago so time plus controlled substances equals poor recall. 

It does seem a little uncomfortable though when you see somebody from your past, kind of remember who they are but aren't sure if you "went there" with them.  Perhaps they don't remember either and are just as uncomfortable with the "not knowing".

How about this:  we're all adults here, let's just get it out in the open, when we meet and we've had that "history", introduce yourself, say "hey! long time no see!  Remember when we slept together?" and then move on....or maybe not.

Perhaps some things are better left in that haze.

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