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I owe it all to "Queen for a Day"

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Whenever we help someone via the radio station I am always delighted that the power of media can being used for such a good purpose.  That is always our mission at 1045, The Fox.  I get some teasing once in awhile, because I cry right along with whom ever is being helped. I thought about why that is, and all I can tell you is that such behavior started very early in my life. I used to watch "Queen for A Day" as a very young child.  I watched housewives win washers and dryers that would "change their lives" or that's how it seemed.  The emcee of the show would wrap them a woman in an ermine cape and put a crown on her head and she would cry and so would I. I cried because she had told them she desperately needed something and they provided it. I was just so darned happy for her. I was all of about 5 years old.  

"Queen for a Day" aired from the late 50's until the mid-60's, but today whenever I get to be part of giving a person something he or she really needs I am briefly reminded of that show and I still cry.  Hope you were able to share the joy by listening this morning, to see what happened check out the pics here on this website. the recipeint this morning was a lovely young Wichita woman with 5 children. One night last Fall she was picking up her daughter from a school function and had to crawl under her car with an ice pick to get the car to start. Unfortunately when she got the car to start it was in gear and ran over her.  She could have died.  Today she has a nearly new vehicle, because "Debbie" a local woman donated a good used van to Cars4Christmas and the commitee was able to say "yes". More donations mean more times they can say "yes" and again I will cry.

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