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The Drug War Invades My Medicine Cabinet

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At my house, decongestant medicines containing pseudoephedrine are a necessity. My husband and I both suffer with alleriges and his are severe. It is difficult , now, to get these over-the-counter drugs, as you must wait in line at the pharmacy and present ID. Since I have never committed any crime more serious than a minor traffic offense, I have resented having to do this.  Why should law-abiding citizens be inconvenienced and viewed as suspected drug manufacturers? I also suspected that no one was keeping track of how many pharmacies were being visited and so it would be ineffectual.  The idea of course is to keep pseudoephedrine out of the hands of people wanting to make meth (laudable but unteneable). It may have sounded like the inconvenience was reasonable, but, sure enough, after some initial success when the law was passed in 2005, the law is now relatively ineffective.  The number of meth labs has gone back up.  People wanting to make meth just send numerous people to numerous pharmacies to get what they need.  So now, HB 2098 has been introduced by two Republicans and one Democrat. If passed and signed into law,  Kansans will not be able to get these meds without a script from the doctor. That is an unnecessary expense and waste of both the patient and doctor's time.  Remember the old adage, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns? I think this line of reasoning is applicable here, too. Meth makers will find away.  Please let me and your legislators know how you feel about this, either way.

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