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Scary Home Decor!

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Flocked wallpaper and wood paneling should be illegal! 

I started house hunting about a month ago.  Before I started, I took the advice of friends and co-workers and called a bank to get pre-approved for a home loan so I would know how much I had to work with.  I really thought that that would be the hard part, I hate paperwork, but I breezed through it.  Now on with the hunt!   I thought I would look at a few houses, see several possibilites, have a tough time deciding which fabulous house I wanted to buy, make the deal and be done!  Move in!  Happy times!  But isn't that easy is it.  Or am I just being too picky? 

It's not the structural integrity of the houses that I'm having problems with, not the size of the yards or the's the decor!  After purchasing a house I won't have a lot of money to remodel so bad decor is a deal breaker.  I realize everyone has different tastes but who has flocked wallpaper these days?  I'll tell ya who...hookers!  And what's up with the basement covered in rustic wood paneling?  This is a house in the middle of town!  This is not Montana!  And then there's the kitchen with scalloped wood trim,  unless Heidi is going to cook me dinner every night in her cute little Swiss Miss outfit and pigtails...I don't need scalloped woodwork! 





Flocked wallpaper, rustic wood paneling, scalloped wood trim, shag carpet and most wallpaper border should be removed from all houses on the market!  Or am I being too picky.

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