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I think I have "Sidewalk Rage"!!!

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I must admit I used to have a minor form of Road Rage.  I was never one to yell at someone from my window as I drove by them, I would mutter under my breath instead.  I was never one to flip off someone who cut me off, I would usually flip them off under the dash.  After all, who am I to antagonize someone I don't even know?  That could escalate it into full blown Road Rage!  I have since backed off and kept it under control.  And now, just when I'm getting a handle on my Road Rage I discover I may have a mild form of "Sidewalk Rage".

Ever get stuck behind by someone going so slowly that it makes you want to commit acts of violence? It’s similar to road rage only this time, you’re on foot.

Some researchers believe there’s such a thing as “sidewalk rage, ” a feeling of genuine anger that overcomes people when they find themselves behind an incredibly slow person on the sidewalk, in a supermarket or even an airport.

If you don’t think it’s real, check out the Facebook page “I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of the Head,” which has a membership of 15,000 potential sidewalk ragers.

LEON JAMES, who studies pedestrian and driver aggression at the University of Hawaii, says signs of sidewalk rage include loud muttering, bumping into slowpokes or giving two-legged snails the “stink eye.” He goes as far to theorize that sidewalk rage is symptomatic of a condition James terms “intermittent explosive disorder.”

James believes that people have a problem if they get lectured about it by family members or friends. Making loud comments about how slow people are walking is also a sign that anger is becoming unmanageable. 

The easiest way to overcome sidewalk rage, according to psychologists, is to simply take a breath, calm down and go with the slow flow.



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