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Did I "Disobey"?

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So there I was driving east on 21st street toward Broadway at about 5:15 this morning, it's a new route for me as I am recently divorced and staying with a friend so my route to work has changed.  The intersection of 21st N. and Broadway is under construction so there is a lot going on at that location, signage, construction barrels, etc.

As I approach the intersection, I turn on my left turn signal and make the turn.  About driving about a half mile... red and blue lights flashing behind me so I pull over.  I am informed by the police officer that there is no left turn allowed at that intersection because of the construction and there have been quite a few accidents there so they have been monitoring the intersection for awhile.

I informed him that it was a new route for me and I must not have seen the signs, we all have our excuses right?  He writes me the ticket and sends me on my way.

I'm looking at the citation right now and my violation is described as "Disobey No Turn Sign".

Here's my question...if I didn't see the sign, how could I disobey it?  It's not like I saw the sign and blatantly disregarded it, laughed in it's face and said "ha ha!!!  I will turn left anyway!"

I know I'm nit picking, it's not like I'm trying to get out of a ticket (I am, kinda) but I was not disobeying!  I swear!  Wouldn't a warning ticket have sufficed?  Or perhaps "inatentive driving".  I could live with that. 

I do plan on paying the ticket by the way,,,just venting!

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